Street food

Aside from tourist destinations, South Korea is also popular when it comes to street food. They have a wide range of street food all over the streets of Seoul being sold by vendors, but Myeong-dong is the most famous spot for South Korean street food. Ziptoss has made a list of street food you should try when you’re in South Korea.

  • Tteokbokki (tteogbokk-i)

Tteokbokki is the most popular street food in South Korea. It consists of stir-fried cylindrical rice cakes with sweet chili sauce. Some vendors add odeng(fish cakes) to their tteokbokki for added flavor.

  • Odeng-guk (odeng-gug)

Odeng-guk is a soup-based fish cake dish that is popular in winter. It has a comforting aroma and flavor that pairs well with tteokbokki.

  • Bungeoppang (bung-eoppang)

This pastry snack consists of sweet red bean filling, with an outer shell batter similar to a waffle made out of eggs, flour, sugar, water and raising ingredients. Bungeoppang is cooked on top of a stove with a fish-shaped mold.

  • Dakgangjeong (dalg-gangjeong)

This is South Korea’s version of crunchy popcorn chicken(or fried boneless chicken nuggets). This dish is covered with a sweet and spicy sauce, perfect for eating on-the-go when you are in a rush.

  • Gyeran-bbang (gyelanppang)

This dish is another small but filling snack. It has eggs, ham, cheese and/or parsley and an egg batter base shaped like a small loaf. Vendors also offer toppings such as nuts, cheese, or tomato sauce. German-bbang is best eaten when it’s warm and freshly baked. It’s another popular street food during the winter season.

  • Hotteok (hotteog)

Hotteok is a sweet, fried pancake that can either be thick or thin, with sugar, mixed nuts, and cinnamon filling. Typically eaten when the weather is cold. There are also different variations of Hotteok(such as baked hotteok and matcha flavored hotteok).

  • Sannakji (sannagji)

For those who want a unique type of dish, you can try Sannakji. A delicious dish made with chopped raw and fresh baby octopus drizzled with sesame oil and topped with sesame seeds. This street food is traditionally paired with samjjang and green tea.

  • Bindaetteok (bindaetteog)

Bindaetteok is a type of Korean pancake made out of mung beans. It has a savory flavor with a crispy exterior and a spicy dipping sauce served with the dish. Some vendors make Bindaetteok with many ingredients such as cabbage, kimchi, onions, pork, and bean sprouts.

  • Kimbap (gimbab)

Another popular dish is Kimbap, Korea’s take on sushi. It consists of vegetables and pickles wrapped in roasted seaweed. Some have different variations like putting meat, spinach, tofu, pickled radish, and egg. You can find these in most convenience stores and in street food stalls.

  • Korean Corn dog or Gamja Hot Dog (gamjahasdogeu)

The Korean corndog is one of the most popular snacks in South Korea and it’s also gaining popularity in other countries. This dish is a deep-fried sausage dipped in corn dog batter with french fries, and topped with condiments like tomato ketchup, mayonnaise, and mustard. Some coat the corn dogs with sugar to give a sweet and salty flavor.

  • Jeon

Jeon is a savory Korean fried pancake with a lot of chopped vegetables, kimchi, green onions, meat and/or seafood. It can be eaten as an appetizer, side dish, or a snack.

  • Patbingsu

Just like Korean corn dogs, Patbingsu is also being recognized all over the world. Patbingsu is a dish with shaved ice, red beans, rice cakes, syrups, and even fruits. It’s a perfect dish to snack on during the summer season.

  • Mandu

Another popular dish you should try, Mandu is a Korean dumpling consisting of meat and vegetables. It is usually pan-fried making it crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, you can also have boiled Mandu with a bowl of noodles. Mandu is typically served with soy and vinegar dipping sauce.

  • Dakkochi (dalgkkochi)

If you like  to have savory street food, Dakkochi is a good dish to start with. These are grilled chicken skewers that are marinated and glazed with many layers of sauce. It can be eaten alone or with spicy sauces if you want to add more flavor.