As a teacher, you probably rely on your smartphone to keep organized and manage your students. Whether it is storing student information or utilizing your smartphone to keep in touch with students and their parents, you cannot deny that student mobile management is crucial in today’s day and age. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your smartphone when managing students:

1. Store Student Information on Your Phone

One of the best ways to use your smartphone for student management is to store student information on your phone. There are a variety of apps that allow you to do this, such as Evernote and OneNote. This way, you always have access to important student information, regardless of where you are. However, you do need to keep security in mind and make sure that you password protect your phone and any apps that contain student information. Please be sure that you are not storing any sensitive info such as social security numbers or addresses!

2. Use Your Phone to Communicate with Parents

Another great way to use your phone for student management is to communicate with parents. Many parents are now using smartphones, so it makes sense to send messages and updates directly to their phones. This way, you can easily send updates, messages, and photos to parents without having to track down their contact information or wait for them to check their email.

3. Keep an Eye on Your Students’ Progress

One of the most important things that you can do with your smartphone when managing students is to keep an eye on their progress. With so many online tools and resources available, it is easier than ever to track student progress. By using apps such as Quizlet, you can monitor student achievement and even create quizzes and tests to assess their understanding. This way, you can ensure that your students are making progress and meeting your expectations.

4. Utilize Educational Apps

There are a number of great educational apps that you can use with your students. This not only helps keep them engaged and learning, but it also allows you to utilize the power of technology in your classroom. Some of our favorite apps include Kahoot, and ArtRage. 

5. Have Fun with Technology!

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun with technology! With your smartphone, you can easily create fun and engaging activities for your students. Whether you are using apps like PocketLab or Makey Makey, or just incorporating some fun tech into your lesson plans, there are endless possibilities. Be creative and have fun with it!

Student mobile management is an important part of teaching in today’s day and age. By using your smartphone to store information, communicate with parents, and keep track of student progress, you can make the most of this valuable tool. So get out there and start using your smartphone to manage your students!

Zara Raza is the Head of Marketing at SchoolCues, the all-in-one small school solution for schools with limited budgets and resources.