Home décor improves the look of our home making it pleasing to the eyes. Several décor accessories add beauty to our living space and transform a house into a home filled with so much energy and life. The first thing that we get to see after entering a home is the walls. The paint colour of the wall and the pieces of décor on the wall always fascinate us. It improves the overall appearance of the room making it a comfortable place for us to live in.

Methods to Add Style to The Wall

Working on the walls of our home is an essential process to give a new and improved look to your living area. You can be creative in styling your walls and experiment with different colours and patterns that suit your style and add to your personality jazzing up your personal space. Below mentioned are some of the ways to style your walls and add glamour to your space – 

Personalize Your Space – Walls are the best place where you can choose to personalize your décor items as per your liking. We all love to capture some beautiful moments we spend with our family and friends. You can display those pictures in collage photo frames and style your walls. You can create a gallery wall by showcasing your memorable pictures in differently designed picture frames and get an appealing look for your walls.

Utilize Your Nooks and Crannies – Nooks and corners of our house are usually neglected sometimes and remain bare. You can utilize this part by styling with wall frames that help in adding an artful touch to your space. You can fill them with hand paintings or murals that will add beauty to that space.

Make Your walls Colourful – Colours are something that lifts the mood and transforms a space giving a completely new look to your living space. You can play with a few colours and their shades to give some pattern to the walls and add a modern touch to the walls. You can try painting your ceiling along with the walls for a statement look. Try out adding contrast colours to the accent walls or shelves to highlight the décor of your room. Also, ensure to pick up those colours that will blend with the other things present in the room and other décor pieces.

Get Some Storage– There is always a lack of space in the kitchen. If you have less space and are wondering where to place your pans and pots, you can turn the walls into a streamlined display of storage with some hanging rails to hang your pans in there. It adds to the décor of your room as well as solves the problem of storage.

Design a vertical garden on Your Walls – Add an interesting and unique look to your walls by working out plants into your walls by using shelves and wall mount planters. It creates a garden-like atmosphere in your home and spreads a fresh vibe all over the space.

Apart from these ideas, you can add in some bold and big artwork or some wall hangings to enhance the appearance of the empty walls. You can be as creative as you can with the wall décor and get a statement look for your homes.