For those who do not handle the ends and root braids well, there are other ways to achieve a similar finish with a much simpler technique.

Fake braid

This is the case of this braid that starts from a high ponytail also called ponytail lemonade braids and is made by separating the hair collected into two ends secured with rubber bands.

The technique simply consists of introducing one end through the other until reaching the end, when we will join both with the same rubber. The result is a normal braid but with an original finish. And, above all, very easy to do because the ropes are easily controlled by being fastened from below.

Side Root Braid with Two Strands

Two-strand braids are ideal for those who do not have much experience with complicated hairstyles. In this case, in addition, the result we achieve is original and attractive, with very little effort. Of course, the idea is to do it with long hair to get a good finish.

This is the technique, although applied to a smaller braid, elaborated on one side of the head:

We have to start by brushing and combing the hair to one side. Then we will start braiding with two side strands, collecting small strands of the hair that surrounds them at each step. In this way, we will give the feeling of creating a root braid. If we wish, we can also twist the strands so that they adopt an even more «twist» shape.

The braid will be attached to the head in the first half through the side locks and, after the first crosses (approximately when reaching the nape area), the easier part will begin, in which we will only have to turn the two ends to hold everything with a rubber band.

Semi-gathered with cord braid

Continuing with the braid with two strands, we can make one on each side to get a beautiful semi-collected one that is easy to do. To do this, we make two cord-like root braids (with two ends), one on each side of the head, leaving the rest of the hair loose.

Once the two braids are made, we hold the end with a rubber band and we intertwine them together as explained in the video: slightly twist one of them, open it at one point and insert the other through there. Then we will only have to hold the finish with bow pins so that it is fixed.

If we wish, we have the option of undoing the termination of both braids to obtain a simpler finish.

Ponytail with cord braid

We can also use this simple two-strand braid to brighten up a simple high ponytail and get a different hairstyle. It is enough to make this braid as we have explained before, adding side strands to hold the head in the first crosses and thus give the feeling that it is a root braid.

After finishing it, we will hold it with a rubber band and we will make the ponytail together with the rest of the hair.

Pigtail with woven herringbone braid

Sevillian influencer Elena Navarro has an innate ability to do hairdos herself. Above all, nail braids of all kinds. We are left with these hairstyles in which he mixes a herringbone braid woven into a side that is then collected in a ponytail with loose wavy hair as well. A challenge. Do not miss his videos in which he shows how he does it.


Therefore, we have discussed some easy hairstyles that you can tie for an everyday look. Hope this article is quite helpful for you.