Did you know that summer camp is a great place to make friends?

Most people think of fun camp activities like sports, singing, and arts and crafts when they think about summer camp. But many campers discover that they make the best friends because they get to know each other better.

Want to plan a summer camp activity that fosters friendship? Read on to learn about our summer camp games for kids!

Let’s get into it!

Frisbee Toss

One of the most popular is the frisbee toss, which involves two or more players throwing a frisbee back and forth. To make it even more fun, divide the players into two teams and try to hit a target or land the frisbee in a predetermined zone.

It’s a great way for kids to get some exercise, get to know each other and build team spirit. The game is easy to set up and can be played anywhere with plenty of outdoor space. Adding obstacles like trees or even chairs can make the game even more challenging.

Grand Canyon

For a game with a bit more excitement, a guided horseback ride through the majestic Grand Canyon is an unforgettable experience. For those wanting a more relaxed game, why not head out on a fly fishing trip or enjoy a sunset cruise on the Colorado River?

Summer camp games for kids can help make a trip to one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Grand Canyon, even more fun. Activities such as scavenger hunts, races, geocaching, and group hikes last more enjoyable and memorable.

No matter what activity interests them, the Grand Canyon has plenty of fun summer camp games for kids to explore!

Hula-Hoop Pass

Many summer camps involve hula hoop passes, a fun game for players of all ages. In this game, kids split into teams and pass around a hula hoop. Each person has to go around the circle, pass the hula hoop, and say their name.

When it is their turn, they must wrap the hula hoop around their hips and use their body to pass it to the next player. If the hula hoop gets broken, the game stops, and the team must restart.

Hula hoop pass is a great way to help children work on their communication and taking turns, along with getting some exercise. It also can help kids become more comfortable with each other while having fun.

Ball Factory

In this game, players race to construct and build a “factory” out of beach balls, hula hoops, and other odds and ends found at camp. Players take turns collecting materials, rolling and throwing the beach balls, and arranging the hula hoops.

This game encourages teamwork and watching each other succeed. Lastly, it also allows the kids to show off their creative minds as they strategize to build and grow their structures. If you’re looking for a unique opportunity to help your child learn through play, read about stem lego camp today!

Top Summer Camp Games for Kids

Summer camp games for kids are a great way to get them out of their comfort zones and cultivate their natural creativity. From outdoor activities and group games to team building and sports, there are so many activities to choose from.

Why not join in on the fun? Try out some of these games for a memorable experience.

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