Fishing Holes

Summertime in Utah is a great time for fishing! Whether it’s hot or cold, sunny or cloudy, there is something for everyone. 

Lake Powell 

Lake Powell, located in Utah, is a beautiful and bountiful freshwater fishing spot. Anglers can enjoy numerous activities on the 186-mile-long lake including boating and water skiing. For fishermen of all ages and skill levels, Lake Powell provides a serene spot to drop a line and experience a variety of deepwater fish. Fishermen should look out for catfish, walleye, bass, crappie, bluegill, and muskie swimming in Lake Powell’s many arms. If you’re fishing for crappie in Lake Powell, knowing how to catch crappie by targeting rocky areas and submerged vegetation with small jigs or minnows can increase your chances of success.

Flaming Gorge 

Flaming Gorge in Utah is a fishing hole that should not be missed. Named for its bright red sandstone walls, it sits among the greenery of the Uinta Mountains. The majestic gorge and beautiful water fed by melting snow make it an ideal spot for casting your line. The deep and vast lake is home to several large game fish like trout, smallmouth bass, walleye (aka pickerel), burbot, and more; thus making it a popular outdoor destination especially during summertime when conditions are best. Whether you are looking to test your skill against some of the state’s best anglers or wanting simply to enjoy some relaxation in nature’s beauty, Flaming Gorge will have something amazing in store for all who visit.

Blacksmith Fork 

Nestled deep within the hills of Utah’s Cache Valley, Blacksmith Fork is a hidden fishing gem just waiting to be discovered. Boasting an abundance of wild trout – from rainbow and brown to cutthroat and brook – this picturesque yet unassuming spot is sure to astound even the most seasoned anglers. With high-mountain lakes, babbling streams, and quiet creeks, you’ll find a perfect spot for every type of fish-lover here. 

For those looking for something special, Blacksmith Fork also has plenty of trophy-sized trout that are more than happy to take a well-placed bait or lure. Whether it’s a picture-perfect morning out on the lake or an exciting mid-afternoon wading adventure in the river, new memories can be formed and lovely stories told at this one-of-a-kind fishing hole in beautiful Utah!

Bear River

The Bear River in Utah is a fantastic spot for any angler looking to catch a record-breaking trout. From the north end near Logan, UT to recreation areas farther south, the river provides over 100 miles of breathtaking scenery that combines with excellent fishing opportunities. With multiple hatch seasons and access to healthy populations of cutthroat trout, travelers can experience this vast body of water while using a variety of techniques. 

Flyfishing along eddys or trolling along lake shores offer a different kind of challenge, depending on each person’s preference. For those with more time, float trips are also possible so fishermen can explore even further upstream and find the legendary salmon & steelhead runs that the Bear River is known for. Whether it’s for a weekend or an entire day, the Bear River provides enjoyable experiences for Utah fishermen looking to have fun or test their limits.

Strawberry Reservoir 

If you’re looking for an exciting outdoor adventure in Utah, a fishing trip to Strawberry Reservoir is sure to give you exactly what you need. This picturesque body of water sits tucked away in the Wasatch Range and has become one of the best fishing spots around. Not only is it home to several species of fish, including rainbow trout and kokanee salmon, but it also offers breathtaking mountain views and plenty of R&R opportunities. A visit to Strawberry Reservoir guarantees a fantastic fishing experience that you won’t forget anytime soon!

Great Salt Lake

Got an urge to wet a line? The Great Salt Lake in Utah has plenty to offer for fishing enthusiasts. Here, anglers can find a variety of species from catfish like carp and black bullhead, as well as yellow perch. Boaters love the open waters where they can take advantage of the cool breezes and beautiful vistas that come with a day on the lake. Fishing opportunities also present themselves in the marshy bays that dot the bayou as one navigates closer to shore. With minimal boat traffic due to its location, and abundant resources, it’s no wonder why so many flocks to this hassle-free fishing spot.

Provo River

The Provo River in Utah is an ideal fishing spot. On any given day, you can catch plenty of rainbow trout and brown trout, providing great sport fishing as well as a delicious meal. Provo provides a unique experience due to its stunning scenery, from towering mountains and rolling hills to beautiful gorges and deep valleys. You can also hang out at one of the many campgrounds that dot the river’s banks for some rest or simply just to take in the beauty of nature. Whether you’re looking for peacefulness or excitement, the Provo River offers something for all kinds of anglers, making it an exceptional fishing destination.

Scofield Reservoir 

Scofield Reservoir, located in Utah’s Manti-La Sal National Forest, is considered a haven for fishing enthusiasts. With more than 600 crystal clear acres of water to explore, anglers can enjoy every type of fishing they desire – from trolling to casting in the calmer waters of this gorgeous mountain lake. Whether you are looking for trout, walleye, or bass, Scofield Reservoir offers a unique blend of aquatic adventure. Fishing isn’t the only fun that can be had here though – the lake’s shoreline and nearby campgrounds provide a perfect opportunity to relax and connect with nature in a peaceful setting. If you’re considering an outdoor getaway near Utah’s stunning landscape, Scofield Reservoir is the place to go.

Jordanelle Reservoir 

The Jordanelle Reservoir in Utah is a great spot for any fishing enthusiast. Located near the Wasatch Mountains, it features some of the most popular fish in the state including Rainbow Trout and Smallmouth Bass. With easy access from Route 189 and plenty of amenities close by, it’s a great choice for both locals and visitors. Boats of all kinds are welcome as long as they are registered with Utah State Parks—and with clear waters and abundant wildlife, there’s no telling what longtime anglers or beginners might catch! With such an ideal setting, this fishing hole is sure to be around for many years to come.

With so many options available across Utah this summer, you cannot go wrong when choosing where to fish!