If you have a goal to achieve higher bands in IELTS, then you probably practice more for the speaking test. Speaking is the most important module in IELTS and is mainly dreadful for Indian students. Really! Most of the applicants find this test tougher than others. However, there are many myths related to speaking alone. As the first-time test taker, you must know the real truth about speaking. In order to prepare well for speaking you require to have clear concepts and practice. In this blog, you would get to know about the IELTS speaking myth that must be busted. 

IELTS Speaking is a Cakewalk

Do you think so? Absolutely NO! A majority of applicants believe that IELTS is the easiest module. But, actually, it is the hardest one. It is like a formal interview with an examiner who is a skill-master in English. The examiner will ask a number of questions and opinions on specific topics that you need to answer. You need correct grammar, vocabulary, and fluency in English. Every part of speaking has a difficulty level that you can only crack with hard work and practice. A professional study visa consultant in Jalandhar would advise you to focus more on this module of IELTS. So, you can get an idea of why speaking is not a cakewalk.

You Need to Use an English Accent

It is the biggest myth that many applicants have soaked up into their minds. They admire using a native-like accent during the speaking tests. But, it is just a buzz that must be eradicated. During the conversation with the examiner, you would only be assessed for your English skills. You simply need to focus on grammatical skills, pronunciation, and use of correct words. Using an English accent has nothing to do with speaking scores. You will be evaluated by English proficiency but not the style of speaking. 

Keep the Conversion Simple Yet Effective

During the speaking test, many applicants prefer to use complex sentences. They tend to use composite vocab just to impress the examiner. But there is a strict need to understand that using tough vocabulary can put you in trouble. You might make several mistakes during pronunciation. Examiner would not be impressed with complex wording, but he/she wants to hear simple yet effective communication. The best IELTS institute would certainly guide you to tackle the speaking module with this trick. Professional mentors will teach how to keep communication uncomplicated but effective to make the hearer understand well. 

Keep Your Communication Precise and Clear

Many IELTS aspirants believe that speaking is meant to test their English fluency only. In order to prove their abilities, they used to speak what they had in mind during the exam. They think that it will bring them, good bands. But, it is completely a myth. You would not get scores just to speak incessantly in English. Examiner will notice how you give answers to the questions with clarity and precision. For example, if you go out of the topic that has been asked then it will cut the scores. You only have to answer what you have asked in clear form. If cricket is your hobby, then you would not tell an essay-like story to the examiner. You just tell him/her that you love to play cricket. 

IELTS Speaking is a Quiz

The way many students commonly think that speaking is a quiz. But, in reality it is not related to knowledge testing of candidates. If you do not have familiarity you will not get the scores. This myth is totally wrong. You need to have English proficiency in order to communicate with the person that is chatting with you normally. You just need to talk as you normally do with a friend or family member. Join the best IELTS institute in Jalandhar to get proper coaching for the speaking module.

Make Notes

You probably think that making notes for part 2 would help you a lot. But, remember you will only get a minute to think. So, if you waste that time in writing, then how could you make a story in your mind? So, burst this myth and start training your mind to think fast for effective conversation. 

You Have to Answer the Question You Don’t Understand

No! You don’t. You can ask the examiner to repeat the question. In case you do not understand what the examiner asks, don’t try to attempt a wrong conversation. Always prepare by asking your study visa consultant to clear this doubt.

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