When planning the biggest day of your life—your wedding day—-the entertainment is likely one of the most important and pressing matters when it comes to planning the actual ceremony. You have to figure out where it fits in the budget, how big or small you want to scale your evening, and exactly what sort of entertainment you’re looking for. It’s a lot. 

This blog will break down why hiring a wedding DJ setup as opposed to live music is the most ideal option for planning your big day and ceremony after. In short, it’s more versatile and in many cases, is cheaper. 

Since most weddings involve a good deal of people (167 guests on average), a list of to-do activities and ceremonies, and a jumping dance floor, a wedding DJ can be the perfect party catalyst. Below we break down three pivotal reasons why. 

You Get More Music 

Live bands are often limited to a certain genre of music or a specific list of 30 to 60 songs. This can be cliche, and they generally play a lot of the same songs at any wedding they perform at. On the other hand, a wedding DJ has an endless amount of music to choose from. They can flag certain songs a couple doesn’t want to be played, and therefore tailor a playlist or night of music to exactly what they do want to be played. 

If all of a sudden a guest wants a certain song played, or the couple rediscovers their song in the middle of the night, a wedding DJ can simply cue it up. 

A Wedding DJ Is Also an Experienced MC 

Other than working with the bride and groom to develop a strong playlist, coordinate the night’s schedule, and take requests from many guests, they also do more than just music. For example, a wedding DJ is often the MC for the night, coordinating important moments like the best man’s speech and making important announcements, like when dinner is served. 

This comes with a lot of responsibility. It’s not an easy task to straddle the line between fun and professional, but that’s the job of a wedding DJ. They have to feel out the night and react accordingly, know how to handle the microphone (and who to not let have it), and essentially be the conductor of the entire evening. 

Scalability & Versatility 

Where a live band or collective may be restricted to a certain environment or may feel too big for your small ceremony, a wedding DJ is the perfect solution for any type of wedding. Whether the celebration is grandiose or humble, traditional or nontraditional, indoors or outdoors, or in any location, a wedding DJ can accommodate. If you need someone to simply control the playlist and make certain announcements when necessary, they can handle that. Or if you need someone to take the reins of the entire party, a wedding DJ is qualified to handle that as well. 

There’s less equipment than a live band needs, and therefore it’s easy to shape your night to your exact expectations. Plus, a live band has more people to pay. A wedding DJ could provide special offers or charge by the hour or demand of your ceremony. It’s only one person to negotiate with as well, making scaling your night a seamless experience. 


A wedding DJ is simply easier, can adapt on a dime, provide a variety of services and musical genres, and can serve any type of celebration you’re looking for. They can also be hired for other events such as corporate events, bachelor or bachelorette parties, graduation parties, charity events, and much more. 

When planning your wedding, you have enough things to worry about. Hiring an experienced wedding DJ can solve lots of problems and make your experience easier and less stressful, so you can focus on remembering the biggest day of your life.