Whether students live in on-campus dorms or off-campus apartments, they often have a tight budget to work with. They want whole-room furniture packages that are affordable and stylish.

Furniture rental companies provide that and more with their rental furniture packages. Here are the benefits of these packages for students on a tight budget:


Furniture rentals allow people to get a full collection of furnishings without spending a fortune. This can be a helpful option for students, people on temporary contracts, or anyone in a short-term living situation. It also saves the hassle of returning or buying one piece at a time and hiring movers for every move. Some furniture rental companies offer whole apartment décor packages for just $129 monthly. They have showrooms nationwide and make it easy to browse online. For added convenience, the organization also provides delivery and pickup services. College students with little spare time may find this to be of particular benefit.

Another benefit of renting furniture is that the monthly cost may be less than if they bought it in the long run. This is especially true if the lease term is shorter. Furniture rental services allow customers to turn in their lease once it expires for store credit, making them an even more affordable option. Purchasing large furniture can be overwhelming, and saving up for the items you want can take time. Renting can help save money, and you can always upgrade to something more expensive later if your needs change. It also reduces the stress of moving because you don’t have to worry about hauling bulky pieces from place to place.


Furniture rental companies offer various furniture rental packages for students, including pieces for a home’s main rooms. Students can choose the package that is the ideal size and price for their room because the packages are different. They can even choose a style and color that matches their decor. This makes setting up their new place much easier than if they had to buy each piece separately.

When it comes to furniture shopping, the selection can be overwhelming. It’s hard to know what will work with your space until you see it in person, but furniture rental services often have showrooms that allow customers to try out different options before purchasing. This can save time and money. Depending on the company, some furniture rental services also let their customers make affordable payments toward the ownership of the pieces. This is another option for those who know they want to keep a particular piece of furniture and are willing to commit. Furniture rental is a popular choice for many people in temporary living situations, including students moving into their first apartment. These families are between homes and employees on a close-ended work assignment. Furnishing a temporary living space can be stressful and time-consuming, but it doesn’t have to be.


When students rent a house or an apartment for their studies, they need furniture to make it feel like home. Rather than bargain hunting at the thrift shop for used furniture pieces or pulling a Macklemore and using your parents’ hand-me-downs, you can save money by renting a package from a furniture rental company that delivers and sets up your new room. In addition to the convenience of delivery and set-up, many companies also offer a return service when you’re done with your lease. By simply packing up your furniture and returning it to their warehouse for pickup, you may do away with the need to employ movers and pay storage fees. This is especially helpful if traveling between resident halls or on a temporary employment assignment. As today’s student population grows more sophisticated, they expect more from their living accommodations. They want to be able to showcase their personal style and individuality in their rooms while still keeping within budget. Rental furniture offers a way to do just that, with products and styles to meet all needs. From accent chairs to decor to TV stands, the options are endless for creating a comfortable living space that reflects the student’s personality. Many rental companies also provide design services to help curate the perfect room.


Buying furniture can be expensive, especially if you need a whole set to furnish your apartment. Luckily, furniture rental packages are an affordable option. The price depends on how many pieces you need, how long you want to rent them, and your chosen furniture style. Some furniture rentals even have the option to purchase your pieces at the end of the lease.

Furniture rental companies understand that students are often on a tight schedule. They offer convenient online shopping and delivery services. Students can also work with a design expert to curate the perfect look for their home. They’ll help you find furniture items that meet your style and fit your space and budget. In addition to cost-efficiency, renting furniture can save you time and money. The furniture is delivered directly to your door, so you don’t have to deal with shopping or moving it yourself. You can customize the package to include everything you need for your room. Furniture rental companies are a great option for students who need temporary furnishings. For example, they may be living abroad or relocating for work and don’t want to spend extra money to purchase new furniture. Additionally, some students plan to return to school for the summer semester but don’t want to commit to purchasing a whole set of furniture just for this time frame.