Eclinicalworks Vs Athena – Which One to Choose?

Clinical works can be described as an EHR software utilized by over 255,000 small and mid-sized practices across the United States. It’s been around for a long time beginning in 1996. It was listed on the NASDAQ in 2007.

Athenahealth was established in 1997 as a firm that provided electronic medical records to mid-sized and small practices. They have over 25,000 clients and now has a market value of USD 5 billion and a market cap of $6 billion.


A clinical trial software comparison is an integral part of selecting clinical trial software. This article will compare Athena, by AllTrials, with eclinicalworks, by eClinicalWorks.

They are not just for running a clinical trial. They are also used for managing various aspects of the clinical trials process from start to finish. For example, it can use both for recruitment and data management and reporting and monitoring.

Some key features differentiate these two systems:

Eclinicalworks Software has more extensive data management, reporting, and monitoring functionality than Athena does.

Athena supports more languages than eclinicalworks does

Eclinicalworks is a company that provides electronic health records and clinical data management systems. It has been in business since 2006 and has over 5000 clients across the globe.

Athenahealth is a healthcare technology company that provides cloud-based enterprise solutions to help hospitals, physician practices, and other healthcare providers improve operational efficiency, care quality, and population health. Athenahealth has been in business since 1997.

We will compare Eclinicalworks and Athenahealth based on three parameters: Features, Support & Security, and Scalability.

Athena EHR

It is the most recent health tech company to have its product adopted by a primary healthcare provider. It was ranked #1 in KLAS. Athena Health, a company that offers electronic health records (EHR) as a service software solution, recently announced its partnership with Kaiser Permanente, Seattle’s most extensive integrated healthcare network.

Athena will ‌provide electronic medical records for all of Kaiser’s 44 million members and their respective providers while reducing costs and improving overall care quality through increased efficiency and better patient outcomes.

The Athena EHR service will also provide patients with access to their medical data in the comfort of their homes.

Modules provided by Athena are Athena Clinical, Athena Communicator, Athena One, athenaCollector, Health Plan Data Exchange, Population health, Epocrates, Platform Service, Combined Business Office (CBO), athenaIDX, Billing and accounts receivable (BAR, Enterprise-Wide Scheduling (EWS), Risk Manager (FRM).

Key Features

Patient Portal

It allows users to complete all necessary paperwork, including billing out patient forms. In addition, the patient portal will enable you to schedule appointments and submit medical records directly from home.

Medical billing

This feature allows a billing engine that helps bill users. It also has a network of over 100 million patients, which will enable them to pay bills with one click.

Lab Integration

One of the highest-rated features in Athena EMR evaluations is the integration tool for labs that allows you to diagnose your patients faster. This feature will enable you to connect labs with your system to request tests for patients and get them quickly.

It cuts down the time required to determine the diagnosis of your patients as the results of any tests you need are made available quicker, which allows you to make a decision quickly and effectively.

User-friendly Interface

Users can see important details such as scheduled appointments, data from the logical analysis, and any pending dues in the dashboard’s appearance. It is simpler to navigate the dashboard without repeating clicks.

The program offers helpful tips to help patients benefit the most from healthcare.

Remotely accessible: it is accessible from any location and at any moment. Users appreciate that they could save money on costly equipment because the system is cloud-based and accessible on any device.



The user interface is very friendly and everything is set up to guide you easily while entering patient information Mobile app is easy to install and it’s nice to have pictures of my providers.”.


Sometimes the add-on software like the label printer and document printer would stop working, but that is rare. Running reports is difficult, not a lot of report options. Authorizations are difficult to track.

Eclinicalworks Software

eClinicalWorks is the most popular EHR Software for practice and patient management used by clinics of all sizes. It assists in managing appointments, schedules, and schedules. It also streamlines billing and records information about demographics.

eClinicalWorks can help with each treatment process, including online appointment booking. On the other hand, over 850,000 doctors worldwide who use this platform can record notes with the help of speech, touch, or templates, gain access to the latest clinical information, and much more.

This service offers a more advanced security platform for patients. It’s ICD-10 certified.

Key Features

Transform for Your Front Office

eClinicalWorks recommends implementing healing Open Access and secures text reminders for patients to make appointments online. Patients can also check in to their appointments and can pay their bills using healow Pay.

Practice Remote Medicine

Every patient has access to medical information at a moment’s notice by using the apps of healow.eClinicalWorks’ Remote Patient Monitoring Module draws data from patient wearables

healowTeleVisits and healingow Meet to facilitate both group and individual visits.

Utilize a network EHR

Practitioners who practice on eClincialWorks can access Carequality and CommonWell Health Alliance interoperability networks for patient information, and PRISMA produces timelines of patients’ histories, which can use to guide medical decision-making.

Implement Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation uses bots to simplify repetitive tasks and accelerate the workflows.

Explore Population Health

eClinicalWorks’ Cost and Utilization Explorer and Primary Care First Module facilitate patient participation in value-based programs.eClinicalWorks offers Population Health features such as Chronic Care Management and Transition Care Management modules, Care Plan Oversight, Disease Explorer, HEDIS Analytics, and more.



You can integrate many systems and work from one screen instead of multiple screens. It makes it so much easier to process payments and view claims.


Reviews show that they have found that sometimes some of the information is difficult to find on the reporting end of the system.


EHR software reviews are essential for any business considering changing to a different system or just ‌use one. This article covers some of the most well-known differences in a very brief way now it is all up to you to decide what can suites you better.