There are so many advantages aluminum extrusion frames have over welded steel frames. If you are looking for the best among the two to choose for a construction project or manufacturing, it’s essential to identify the peculiarities and differences. Then you can base your decision on what suits the project the best.

This writeup comprehensively lists the benefits of aluminum extrusion frames over welded steel frames. Aluminum extrusion frames have many advantages compared to welded Steel frames– flexibility, ease of use, and much more. Aluminum extrusion frames are solid and suitable for handling heavy manufacturing and assembling applications.

Below are some significant benefits of aluminum extrusion frames over welded Steel frames:

Highly Flexible

One of the significant benefits of an aluminum extrusion frame over welded steel frames is that it is highly flexible. If flexibility is one of the crucial criteria for your construction requirements, aluminum extrusion frames are the right option. Aluminum framing offers high versatility when compared to steel framing. 

When it comes to the use of steel, a high degree of accuracy is needed because once you make a mistake in welding, it is always complicated to correct. Still, in the case of aluminum extrusion frames, you can easily make any changes that could result from a change in design or much more.

Easy to Assemble

Another vital benefit of aluminum extrusion frames over welded steel frames is that they are straightforward to assemble and put together. Aluminum extrusion frames are modular, and this gives them the ability to be easy to work with. Unlike Steel frames, they are simple materials and do not need much effort to assemble.

Apart from the assembling of aluminum extrusion frames, the disassembling of aluminum extrusion frames is also very fast. There might be a need to restructure or reorganize the workspace to create a more convenient and efficient place of work.

It Saves Cost

Besides the fact that aluminum extrusion frames are easier and quicker to work with compared to Welded steel frames, they are also highly cost-saving due to their modular nature. It saves labor costs since assembling aluminum extrusion frames is way faster than welded steel frames. This would significantly reduce the cost of labor that you may incur.

Sturdy and Durable

Another benefit of aluminum extrusion frames is that they have immense strength; someone who does not have a vast knowledge and expertise in aluminum and steel might quickly think steel is more robust than aluminum. Due to the flexibility of aluminum, it can be easily extruded into various levels of thickness which adds to its total strength and structural integrity when needed, which is one of the primary reasons why professionals prefer aluminum extrusion frames, and valuable for a broad array of structures ranging from elevator shafts to hospital bed frames.

Flexibility is a top advantage of aluminum over steel. You can easily bend or extrude it into various custom shapes or profiles without breaking or getting cracks. Aluminum is also known for being stretchable, so you can make it as strong as needed for most applications. 

Although steel is technically more robust than aluminum, aluminum is lighter. Engineers take into consideration the weight-to-strength ratio, which gives aluminum an edge. 

Corrosion Resistant

Aluminum is generally more corrosion-resistant than steel. It resists corrosion without the need for additional treatment after the extrusion process, and it also requires less maintenance over time. This is because it does not rust and does not require the need of any coating or painting that can later wear or tear off. It’s naturally occurring oxide film Shields aluminum.

Wide Range of Application

Thanks to its exceptional beautification, excellent sound protection, heat safeguarding, and recyclability are broadly utilized in the development field. In addition, aluminum provides extrusion molding, high mechanical and actual properties, warm conductivity, high unambiguous strength, and so on. Aluminum is suitable for machine outline, section, entryway, modern computerization hardware, manufacturing plant and office workbenches, racks, compartments, and stepping stools.

The end product of welding aluminum produces a clean and neat result. Aluminum extrusion frames are not only solid and durable but also result in a presentable frame.

Reduced Shipping and Installation Costs

Aluminum weighs less than the other materials widely used in commercial applications. As such, the shipping will be drastically reduced. The weight reduction allows for more flexibility in the delivery method for smaller shipments. Shipping costs are also reduced because of the ease of handling and packaging.

In terms of installation, the installation cost of aluminum extrusion frames is lower than that of welded steel frames. Two individuals can carry out the handling and fixing of aluminum frames. Unlike heavier metals like steel, you may require the use of cranes. 

Economical Tooling Costs and Quick Lead Time

The extrusion tool needed for producing aluminum extrusion frames is of a friendly budget. It often ranges from $500 for simple and solid shape profiles to $5000 for complex and multi-void hollow shapes. The aluminum extrusion tools can also be revised in various cases when minor changes in the profile design require modification which is a significant advantage in managing cost.

In Conclusion

Aluminum extrusion frames have so many advantages over welded steel frames. Precisely manufactured components are essential in bringing product designs to life. Your product will only be as precise as the bending equipment or method used. Thanks to the flexibility of aluminum, you can extrude and bend it to specified tolerances or standard dimensional tolerances.