The Benefits Of Getting Dental Implants

Damaged or missing teeth can affect your looks. In most cases, damaged or missing teeth can prevent you from putting out your best smile. It can also negatively affect your confidence. However, this shouldn’t prevent you from going about your daily activities while smiling. Go for teeth implants. An implant will prevent bone loss, promote natural speech, and maintain your natural shape. The following are the top benefits of undergoing tooth implant surgery.

Stop Bone Loss

Losing teeth automatically leads to loss of bone mass. When you have all the teeth, there is enhanced jawbone stimulation. This makes it possible to maintain a steady teeth connection and mass. If you have lost teeth, think about dental implants. They will replace jaw stimulation, which prevents bone loss.

Resemble Natural Teeth

The good thing with dental implants is that nobody will notice that you have a replacement. These implants resemble your teeth. Thus, they will naturally resemble or match your teeth. They are designed to fit into the spaces without creating any gaps. Thus, if you want that natural look, invest in teeth implants.

Get Your Biting Force Back

Titanium posts are used to anchor implants into the jaws. This means that your biting force will be the same or higher (as that of the natural teeth). It’s important to note that common tooth replacement solutions out there don’t restore the biting force. This is because most of these procedures don’t involve anchoring the implants into the gums. Instead, they are just sat on top of your gums.

Preserves Your Facial Shape

Don’t allow missing teeth to interfere with your face’s shape. Missing teeth can interfere with your facial structure. A missing tooth means that you lose bone mass. As a result, your facial skin will sag. A dental implant will minimize the sagging of the skin. Helping you to remain natural.

Enhances Natural Speech

Having missing teeth can negatively affect your speech. Still more, not all tooth replacement solutions offer optimal results when it comes to speech. For instance, options such as dentures are notorious for altering the way you pronounce words. Luckily, tooth implants function just like your natural teeth. Thus, they don’t affect your ability to speak.

Minimize Cavities

While artificial teeth are prone to decay, teeth implants are made from anti-decay materials. With artificial teeth, a high level of care is needed to minimize the buildup of bacteria that can cause tooth decay and other oral-related infections. On the other hand, dental implants don’t decay. Thus, you won’t have to worry about things like recurring cavities and oral diseases.

Other Benefits

Here are additional benefits of dental implants:

  • Dental implants are easy and simple to care
  • They don’t come with embarrassing slippage
  • They can support the adjacent teeth

The Bottom-Line

Don’t let damaged or lost teeth alter your facial looks. Don’t let it take away your confidence. Lost or damaged teeth can lead to bone loss and affect your natural speech. The above are the top benefits of undergoing dental implant-based surgery. If you think getting dental implants is the best option to replace your missing teeth, you can reach out to this dentist who offers dental implants, filling, and teeth whitening in Redwood City.