Buying on the Internet, you risk losing money by stumbling upon scammers. To keep your finances completely safe, you need a virtual card for online purchases.

How to shop online safely

To reduce the risk of losing your own money to zero, you must have a reliable card for purchases. WestStein guarantees a high level of security and confidentiality – at the level of banks. Another advantage is that the account is independent, so you do not risk the safety of the main cash reserve.

WestStein also provides Mastercard 3D Secure protection, which makes online shopping more secure. So you definitely will not lose your money and you will be sure of the safety of your purchases.

In addition, the card for online purchases has a two-step verification of online purchases. You will receive a call or SMS confirmation of the financial transaction. If you are not making the purchase, you can always abort it, protecting your own finances in this way. So WestStein is the best card for online shopping.

Benefits of the shopping card

You can apply for a card for online purchases in just a few minutes. This can be done remotely, avoiding paperwork and, accordingly, loss of time. Immediately after registration, you can use the account and get a number of benefits.

If you decide to issue a shopping card, you will be able to make contactless payments. It is also possible to use a PIN code. The WestStein Virtual Card is especially convenient for online shopping.

The virtual shopping card can be used to pay for goods and services in more than 40 million stores around the world, so you will not have any problems even while traveling. At the same time, the WestStein prepaid card provides a really high level of protection for your data, so you can not worry about the security of your finances and data privacy.

So it is the virtual MasterCard card that will really protect you from fraud. And so that you do not spend extra money, we recommend ordering a Mastercard prepaid card. Then you will be able to use only the amount that you previously deposited on the card.Today, everyone who prefers to buy goods and order services online should have an online shopping card. This is the safest and most convenient payment option.