Unlike Christmas or birthdays, Easter isn’t as traditionally associated with gift-giving. Yet, that doesn’t mean you can’t get your loved ones something special as a token of your affection. You might find yourself struggling with what you should get, considering that there are so many options available. The best present is one that mixes the spirit of the season with the unique tastes of the recipient. Ideally, it should be something small yet expressive and, of course, spring-themed. 

Here are some options you can consider if you’re looking to spoil the ones you love this Easter. 

Snack packs 

Nothing like a bag of goodies when you want to buy something memorable for a loved one. In fact, Easter baskets are a long-established tradition of the season. Symbolising the change from cold to warmth and the fact that nature is returning to life and becoming bountiful again, this gift keeps in line with the Easter theme while being thoughtful and considerate. Look for an option that blends sweet and savoury snacks for a wider taste palette. Wrap them in a floral box and tie everything together with a satin pastel ribbon for a beautiful look. The way in which you present the gift is just as important as what’s inside the package. 

Skincare products 

If the recipient of your present is a skincare enthusiast, your task is simple and complicated at the same time. Simple because there are so many products available on the market, yet complicated because it can be difficult to choose just a few of them. You must also be aware of the changes that occur between the colder season and spring so that you pick products accordingly

As temperatures and humidity increase, you cannot go wrong with buying a light moisturiser with a gel-based formula. It absorbs quickly and protects the skin barrier at the same time. Wearing sunblock is a prerequisite throughout the year, yet not everybody puts it on during autumn and winter when the weather is gloomy and the sun hides behind the clouds. However, when it gets warmer and sunnier, you should start wearing it or increase the amount you already use. The best choice is sunscreen which offers broad-spectrum protection to guarantee your skin is safe in the spring and summer. 

Cosmetic headbands are a good way to remain in the skincare lane if you’re unsure which products to buy. To fit the Easter season, you can get a bunny ear headband that’s both cute and functional. Hand creams and moisturisers are another good option. Look for something with reparative ingredients, such as jojoba oil or shea butter. To keep in line with the Easter bunny vibe, choose something containing carrot oil, and which carries the vegan and cruelty-free label. 

Gardening help

Since we’ve already discussed that spring is the time when nature comes to life, it goes without saying that it is also the best time to embrace gardening as a hobby. There’s no better gift for those who love to spend time in the garden than a bundle of seeds they can plant and then nurture to watch them grow. Choose a personalised mix of vegetables, fruits and herbs that they can use. The most popular options include beans, beets, radishes, cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelon, as well as lettuce, squash, peppers, strawberries and pumpkins. In fact, planting seeds is a gift that keeps on giving, as you can visit your friend or relative after the plants have grown and enjoy a large bowl of homegrown fruits and veggies. 


Soft pastels, airy fabrics and materials, as well as florals, are just some of the design choices that are quintessentially spring. So, to celebrate the season of new beginnings and transformations, and awaken from the winter blues, bring some springtime-themed items into your loved one’s life. For something a little rustic, you can go for homeware items, such as tea towels. 

And since sustainability is becoming increasingly important for shoppers everywhere, look for something made from an environmentally-friendly and reusable material such as linen. There’s a wide selection of artisan-made, embroidered tea towels out there featuring floral or animal motifs. Handcrafted pieces can be a little on the pricier side, yet buying them ensures you’re getting a high-quality, durable and detailed product. 

Small ceramic baskets are not only a pleasant-looking present but also a perfect storage option. Made in several different colour schemes and generally affordable, they look lovely in every fridge and on all tables. Get a stoneware pitcher if you’d like to go for something a little more unique. Placed at the centre of a breakfast or dinnerware spread, a pitcher will make you feel like you’re dining in a quaint cottage in the countryside. 

Vintage ornaments are another great present, as they can be used not only during Easter but make a lovely interior design choice all year round. A hand-painted cottontail rabbit ornament looks on any shelf, adding cuteness even to the most austere interiors. You can also place it on the Easter dinner table or add a pick tool to it and turn it into a Christmas tree bauble. 

For children 

If you’re bringing presents to a family, you can’t forget to get something for the children as well. Desserts and sweet snacks are the most obvious choice, as this is when parents are likely to be more lenient regarding their kids’ sugar intake. Bunny-shaped cakes decorated with bright frosting and iridescent sprinkles are one of the best choices, as are chocolate-dipped strawberries. Colourful macarons are also a good idea, as are the classic milk chocolate rabbits. If you want to make the gift a little healthier, you can also assemble a small berry basket. 

With Easter not far away, you want to find presents for everybody as soon as possible. However, rushing to get something might cause you to make impulse purchases and end up with generic items devoid of any personality. The best option is to come up with a plan and decide what would work best for everyone. This way, you ensure you’ll get presents that will actually be used.