Particularly, knives are extremely popular. Its not necessary to purchase them every round, they are doing good damage and could be an excellent excuse to eliminate the other players!

Of all the knives available hanging around, the Butterfly Knife Tiger Tooth sticks out a great deal. This is not merely as a result of fairly exclusive appearance but additionally its effects. The participant can certainly throw a knife, perform more stunts, and be the primary reason behind his recognition.

A truly unique knife is a one-of-a-kind balisong styles, that combines old and new world elements.


In Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Tiger Tooth is presented inside a slightly stylized form:

•           The blade and take care of are colored orange and black. The pattern is much like the colour from the tiger’s fur.

•           The design includes a high degree of detail.

•           The handle from the weapon is slightly concave.

•           The blade doesn’t have an upright classical shape, it is therefore sharpened only somewhere. It features a sharp bevel around the pointed side, that is located nearer to the handle.

•           The guard isn’t incorporated because it doesn’t generally match the classic build of the weapon, but there’s a little hook that’s found at the finish from the handle to hold a security shutter.

Many players prefer this specific skin, as well as in general, there’s a really many fans of this kind of knife around the globe. All of the fans are totally oblivious that it doesn’t possess a massive size and menacing shape.

This skin has got the most original and delightful animations. The initial and aesthetic scrolling from the weapon in the very start of the game could be smart to entertain tired and bored users.


It’s important to explain that Butterfly knives possess a gigantic, especially in comparison with others, cost. An epidermis that’s of excellent quality with decent colouring can’t be found for under $300. You spend for exclusivity which is its primary and also the only drawback.

On DMarket, you should check the costs of Tiger Tooth. In Factory New condition, it is about $1,000. A Properly-Worn weapon costs around $900.

Tiger Tooth has held its status of probably the most costly skins for any lengthy time. Although it doesn’t have large dimensions, it features a huge advantage when confronted with beautiful animations, spectacular attacks along with a beautiful appearance. Even when all of a sudden it begins to get boring, it will likely be a lot more helpful to merely market it, since the cost of the knife remains high despite a higher Float.