The Best Methods For Hair Removal

If you want to remove body hair, or even facial hair, there are both good and bad ways to achieve this goal.

There are effective strategies at Skin Works Medical Spa such as laser hair removal treatments, that people often use if they want a longer-term solution.


Electrolysis is a solution that works on a permanent basis. Fine needles are inserted, going into the follicle, to kill the root to prevent the hair from growing back.

This is different than laser hair removal because individual hairs are targeted opposed to multiple hairs at one time.

Electrolysis, as most people know that have gone through it, is a very painful process. It really depends on how much hair you would like to remove when calculating how long it will take.

Depilatory Creams

Depilatory creams will also work, but the problem is that they are extremely messy to work with. Chemicals are also used.

Once the treatment is over, you may notice a burning sensation, or redness on your skin, which is bad for those with sensitive skin issues.


This is perhaps the most painful procedure for removing hairs.

What you are literally doing is extracting the root from your skin, but to do this, the hair needs to be somewhat long. It’s not a great option for people that want to be smooth all of the time.


Shaving is what most people do to remove hair, and it is a time-consuming and repetitious process. It is also painless, for most people, yet you can get ingrown hairs and razor burns which can be unsightly and painful.

There are certain areas, such as your back, which are very difficult to shave, which is why it’s not the best option for some people.


Epilators are one of the easiest tools to use to remove hair, yet they can be difficult or even uncomfortable for the user.

This must be used repeatedly, which is also time-consuming, especially if you have substantial areas of your skin where you want to remove hair.