Not all of us made it through 2020 with our jobs still intact. The Coronavirus pandemic saw person after person lose the career, they had spent years developing. As we move into the third quarter of 2021, it still isn’t safe to say that we have put it firmly behind us.

With the insecurity in the job market first and foremost in our minds, we wanted to put together a list of new career paths that seem coronavirus-proofed. if there’s another wave, these jobs listed below should still be able to find work.

The Best New Careers to Turn to in 2021

If you are on the hunt for a new career, check out some of the following, first.

A New Career in IT

IT is one of the most lucrative industries to get into now. If you develop the right app or website, you could end up becoming a millionaire. Even looking through Jobs for IT Managers shows you that their salaries run upwards of £60k.

Besides the money, IT is a stable industry that proved it’s worth during the pandemic. If it hadn’t been for digital means, some of us wouldn’t have seen our families for over a year. Students wouldn’t have been able to keep learning and companies wouldn’t have been able to keep doing business. IT is about as secure as it has ever been.

A New Career in Food

OK, so we know restaurants and bars nearly went out of business, but the other places, the fast food and drive through places, boomed. If you want a flawless business model, start a McDonald’s-esque franchise and see the drive through industry make you rich.

People were bored, they were hungry, and they wanted somewhere to drive to, to get out of the house. Drive through dining was one of the real winners of the pandemic. Everyone knows that cooks don’t earn enough so if you want to make it big out of this, you have to go in at managerial level or even buy into a business yourself.

A New Career in Online Sales

Ever heard of drop shipping? Right now, everyone is still riding the wave of shopping online and having things sent to their doors. If you set up a website, or even a shop on eBay or Amazon, you are currently making a lot more than you used to be. Although eBay recently changed their rates, Amazon have come out of the apocalypse as one of the better off internet vendors.

Finding the right product or range to sell is all that stands between you and a glittering career as a small business owner selling through Amazon…

Rounding Up

Although all the above careers take a little investment in time or money to get going, they will see you produce the biggest ROI in the current climate. Things are about to shift again as we move into the post-pandemic era, but we urge caution. A third wave is entirely possible, but these jobs will ride it out.