Online casino players love themselves some brain-racking table games, and blackjack is that one game that always keeps you on your toes. The thrill of earning real money while enjoying some competition will always have you coming back for some more blackjack action, but we all know that the most exciting things can get boring, in the long run.

Online casinos know this too and that’s why they offer different versions of blackjack on a regular basis to keep players entertained. It goes without question that blackjack has been one of the most popular casino games in the world for some time now, and the development of new variants of the game has only helped to fuel its growth even further. 

How are these variants developed? Blackjack creators simply take the game we adore and are familiar with, make some adjustments to the rules, and add some exciting new features to it.

Blackjack variants are rampant in the online casino world, but you’ve got to know the difference to decide which ones you’ll love to play. For instance, some blackjack variants don’t offer real money gambling, and without knowing, you might sign up on these platforms expecting to earn real money. 

Another example is playing a real money blackjack variant with rules different from the ones you’re accustomed to which would inevitably result in losses. Also, some casinos offer blackjack live multiplayer games which are quite different from regular online blackjack.

The point remains that there are dozens of blackjack games with unique rules than traditional blackjack. In fact, some of these variants don’t even bear the name “blackjack.”

Without further ado, let’s take you through some of the most popular and exciting online blackjack variants that can earn you real money. Hopefully, you’ll find your favorites after reading this article.

Spanish 21

You’ll find this blackjack variant in many online casinos, and it is one of the most played variants of blackjack. The rules look to favor the player but that’s only true on the surface.

There’s a marked difference you must be aware of. Spanish 21 doesn’t have 10s in the deck which means the dealer has the upper edge. The absence of 10s means you’ll be starting each hand with lesser odds of coming out on top compared to traditional blackjack. Keep this in mind before you place your bets.

Blackjack Switch

This is one of the most recent tweaks on the internet. Blackjack Switch involves playing two hands as opposed to one. 

You’re allowed to improve your hands by switching cards after receiving your deals. Of course, that gives you more advantage as a player and increases your winning chances. But there are other rules to this variant that favors the dealer more. For instance, a player’s hand that isn’t 21 or a bust gets pushed when the dealer gets a 22.

European Blackjack

In the traditional blackjack, a player receives two cards, a face-up and a face down. However, the cards are dealt with differently in European blackjack. 

You receive only one card (face up) to start and will be dealt a second card after other players have completed their hands. This makes it much more difficult to double or split as you might be facing a dealer blackjack. 

European blackjack also has its own variants, and by comparison, European 21 has a much lower return to player percentage compared to the regular European versions.


These online variants come with the feel of uniqueness which means you don’t have to ever get bored playing blackjack. However, when it comes to betting, it is best to stick with the simple, traditional blackjack that most people are used to.