Your customers are essentially what keeps your business ticking over. Without them, you wouldn’t have a business at all. Therefore, all businesses must take care of their customers and ensure they are satisfied with their service.

It’s not just about attracting new customers, but retaining the ones you have, but this can be easier said than done. Why should customers keep returning to your business after all? With so many other options to browse both on the high street and online, there is no obligation for them to remain loyal to you. Loyal customers are an asset to your business, so should be rewarded for their loyalty.

In this blog, we’re going to look at some of the best ways you can reward customer loyalty: 

  1. Offer Discounts

Customers that regularly shop at your store will appreciate exclusive discounts. Limited time offers can not only trigger purchases but also show your customers that you’re grateful for their repeat custom. If you only offer a small discount after years of loyalty, some customers may be offended – so always be fair when using this method. You can inform your customers of discounts by sending out email newsletters or giving out vouchers in-store.

  1. Send Thank You Notes

Being personal is key to showing your customers that you appreciate them on an individual basis. While you may have thousands of customers on your records, showing a more personal side to your business helps build a positive relationship with your customers. With this in mind, you could consider sending handwritten ‘thank you’ notes within their order, which has been very much neglected in recent years due to the increase in technology. Not only will your customers highly appreciate the thought, but it will hardly cost you anything.

  1. Send Gifts

Everyone loves a freebie – right? Aside from the products and services your business offers, you could go one step further by sending your customers gifts as a surprise for their continued loyalty and support. This could be something unique such as corporate chocolate gifts – to be sent straight to their door and something they’ll remember your business by. 

  1. Invite Customers to Events

Whether you own a store or an online business, inviting your customers to join you for exciting business milestones shows that are they valued within your corporation. What’s more, it gets people talking about your business. Whether it be to celebrate a new product, an anniversary, or just a token of thanks for their trade, customers are sure to appreciate and acknowledge such a special gesture. 

Rewarding loyal customers is one of the best tactics that some of the world’s biggest businesses utilize to give them the brand recognition and reputation they become known for. Even small businesses can benefit from this tactic, as repeat custom keeps your sales flowing and may even increase word-of-mouth marketing due to increased customer satisfaction. You don’t necessarily need to be elaborate with your techniques, it is just about recognizing who your loyal customers are and discovering the best ways to reward them.