Netsuite Financial Management
The Capabilities, & Perks of Using Netsuite Financial Management

If you currently run or manage your business with little, or worse no visibility of where it’s heading (and how it’s faring with the competition), then I fear that darker days are in the horizon for your operations. I’s because businesses that do not use the right financial management tools will not be better positioned to grow, and make sensible, data-informed decisions. With the volatility and unpredictability of the global business environment (especially after the COVID-19 pandemic), a business entity should learn to adapt to stay afloat. And what a better way to adapt than to use the netsuite financial management platform! Here’s a peek at the capabilities and perks of using the system.

General Features

By subscribing to netsuite financial management, users will be able to gain the insight and accuracy to make predictions, forecast and gain the information and data required to make company or organization-wide decisions.

According to experts, by 2024 around 60% of businesses and organizations will be consolidating core financial management with financial planning and analysis capabilities within the same vendor stack or platform like NetSuite. 

Well, I’m sure these experts will also agree that majority of these businesses and/or institutions will be choosing netsuite financial management because the system seamlessly integrates with your entire business, as it has modules for inventory management, order management, customer relationship management, e-commerce and more, to provide an end-to-end suite of products that will certainly foster a productivity-driven firm or organization.

The first major feature of netsuite financial management is for accounting. Here, users can effortlessly or seamlessly couple core general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax management, fixed assets management, payment management, cash management accounting functionality with real-time visibility and intelligent business insights to deliver financial excellence.

The second feature of netsuite financial management is for planning and budgeting. With the platform, users can perform both company-wide and departmental budgeting and financial planning with modeling capabilities, approval workflows and reporting all in one scalable and truly collaborative system or solution.

Revenue recognition is also one of the key features of netsuite financial management. This allows users to fully comply with various accounting standards, and report financial results in a timely, sensible and data-driven manner.

The system also lets users simplify the complexities of current and evolving revenue recognition mandates, regardless if a sale encompasses a single performance obligation, or a series of obligations which span a time period, or of diverse obligations in a bundle.

Financial reporting is another major feature of netsuite financial management. This allows users to gain a full picture of their business, whether it’s real-time or on-demand. The system has pre-configured role-based dashboards, reports and key performance indicators (KPI’s) which deliver customised and truly detailed insights into company or organization performance for enhanced decision making. 

And of course, netsuite financial management allows users to generate high-quality and truly accurate financial reports and statements which comply with US, GAAP, IFRS and other accounting standards or practices.

Financial Consolidation is another wonderful feature of netsuite financial management. It allows users to centralize the oversight of accounting activities and processes, along with data and reporting across multiple business subsidiaries, units and regions.

This feature also allows you to enhance or accelerate the process with automated consolidations, while at the same time guaranteeing compliance with all relevant accounting standards, tax codes and regulations wherever the business entity or organization operates.

Governance, risk and compliance are another great feature of netsuite financial management. The platform has audit-ready solutions which strengthen a company’s governance, risk and compliance programs. 

It also offers a wide assortment of reports and certificates, along with built-in processes and capabilities which effectively handle increasingly complex operational, regulatory and compliance requirements with greater ease.

The platform can also help enhance subscription billing, as it allows users to streamline billing operations with real-time visibility into financial and billing activities. Users can also automate rating processes, consolidate invoicing and support multiple pricing models. 


Now, after discussing the features, let’s now take a closer look at the many perks of using 

netsuite financial management. For starters, the platform will most certainly reduce all that needless (and environment-unfriendly) paperwork. 

The system allows users to fully streamline accounting processes and financial operations, and it also ensures a quicker financial close. The accounting and financial statements are certain to meet financial compliance requirements of ASC 606, GAAP, SOX and more.

In terms of expense management, netsuite financial management allows for accurate and automated detailed financial statements and reports. It also allows for real-time access to live financial data and financial analysis.

The platform also enables users to generate real-time information which improves overall business or organizational performance, and it allows business executives to manage international operations on just a single platform.

And of course, netsuite financial management is hailed as the world’s Number One Cloud Financial Management System because it offers a truly comprehensive control and visibility over various financial processes.

The platform helps companies and organizations to progress and effectively meet their financial requirements through a unified cloud system. And, this cloud-based platform also effectively delivers real-time visibility into the financial performance of any type of business, whether from a consolidated level down to individual transactions.

Finally, netsuite financial management seamlessly and effortlessly integrates with more business applications, which include inventory, order management, customer relationship management and e-commerce, so that you can efficiently run your entire business with just a single solution.

And, if you truly want to efficiently manage all other financial process like asset management, bank reconciliation, receivables, payables, revenue management and more, netsuite financial management will help to fully automate any complicated financial processes or activities. 

Overall, netsuite financial management can certainly drive business strategy and growth by providing users with more detailed, timely and accurate information to help them achieve their various goals or objectives.

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