The Dakimakura is one of the most popular accessories in Japan, adored by people of all ages. This long pillow is often covered with a case featuring a character or design and has become an iconic symbol of Japanese culture. In this article, we’ll explore why Japanese people have embraced Dakimakura so much and why it has become such a beloved item.

What Is A Dakimakura?

A Dakimakura is an accessory that is highly appreciated by Japanese people. It is a long pillow that is covered in a case. The cases can be printed with various images and designs, often of characters from popular anime, manga, or games. It can be used as a regular pillow or comfort item and is often used when sleeping or resting. In Japan, these items symbolize love and devotion to a certain character. They can also provide an extra level of support for those who are having difficulty sleeping.


Dakimakura has been popular in Japan. It is believed to have originated from the dakimakura Kake, a sleeping cushion made by Buddhist monks and used for meditation. However, its modern form has evolved from the popular pillowcases featuring cute anime characters which began appearing in the late 90s.

Dakimakura has since become extremely popular, especially amongst anime and manga fans in Japan. They are seen as a way to bring their favorite characters to life and tangibly express their love for them. Nowadays, it’s common to see people carrying these pillowcases or having them prominently displayed in their homes.

The popularity of the Dakimakura has also been aided by the emergence of dakimakura hug pillows, which feature an internal foam core that allows users to embrace their favorite characters literally. They are often used to comfort people and provide a sense of security.

The term “dakimakura” has now become a generic term for any type of Japanese hugging pillow, regardless of its features or usage. This has helped make the item accessible to everyone, irrespective of their interests or hobbies.

How Are Dakimakura Used In Japan?

Dakimakura, or long pillows, are a beloved accessory in Japan. They are widely used as part of a bedding set, and they are also used to hug while sleeping. This pillow is designed to be hugged, so it has a perfect size and shape for this purpose.

The Dakimakura is used as a sleeping aid and a decorative item in the bedroom. It is often found on the floor, leaning against a wall or headboard, or on a bed or futon. This pillow is also a cushion for sitting, lounging, and cuddling. Many people use them as decorations for their bedrooms, with images of their favorite anime characters printed on them.

Another popular use for the Dakimakura is as a gift. In Japan, giving these special pillows to someone you care about on special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries is traditional. They are given to convey love, appreciation, and comfort to the recipient.

As a result, Dakimakura has become an essential part of Japanese culture. Its popularity is growing not only in Japan but all over the world. With its combination of practical use and stylish designs, this long pillow has become indispensable in many households.

Bottom Line

The Dakimakura is a beloved accessory in Japan and is used for both practical and decorative purposes. It has a long history, dating back hundreds of years, and is essential to many people’s lives in Japan. Many types of Dakimakura are available, ranging from the traditional standard size to larger custom designs. Whatever type you choose, it’s important to take care of your Dakimakura to keep it looking its best. Whether you want something to cuddle up with at night or you’re looking for something unique to add to your bedroom decor, Dakimakura is an excellent choice.