When a person dies, the family members mourn deeply and some people cannot even express their feelings as they are struck with sorrow. But, they should perform some important rites and rituals for some days. We believe that although the body ceases, the soul remains immortal. If we sing some spiritual mantras or chant prayers, the soul rests in peace. The family members cannot perform the rites or rituals independently. So, they expect some people to assist them. In Kolkata, many organizations are provided funeral services to the people. The dead body carrier service in Kolkata provides several types of services to the people.

The services provided by the dead body carriers

The funeral service providers provide several types of services to the people. They organize funerals for the people of all communities. They also arrange for the priests and other religious people who help in healing people. They perform rites and rituals inscribed in the holy texts. The dead body should be transported to the graveyard quickly and should be buried or cremated. Although, the family members are struck with grief and are unwilling to deliver the body to the cremation ground, they acquire the mental strength.  The dead body carrier service in Kolkata also dispatches the dead body to the cremation ground.

They usually arrange for the hearse van so that they can transport many people to the cremation ground. The funeral helpers and priests also assist them during the funeral. They chant some important mantras and prayers to relieve the soul from sorrows.

Everybody cannot afford to pay higher fees to the service providers, but everybody requires service. So, they provide different types of packages to different people across various communities.

They provide two types of services to the people namely immediate disposition and delayed disposition. If the family members or relatives live nearby, then they provide immediate disposition services to the people. If the family members are living far away, then the body should be retained for some days. The body should be carefully preserved for some days. So, the service providers provide freezer box to the people. The dead body carrier in Kolkata provides delayed disposition services to the people if the family members are residing far away.

The priests who perform the rituals are Vedic certified. The family members can choose their decoration style. They can also request for a case manager.

They console the family members who are grieving and also assist to perform every rite and rituals. The family members usually serve special meals to the people on the last day of ritual. So, the service providers also help in arranging for the program on the last day. The dead body carrier in Kolkata provides services to the people who are overwhelmed and require emotional assistance.

The service providers also help the family members to effectively divide the property of the deceased. They deal with problems such as safe custody or handling legal documents.

So the dead body carrier services provide the best services to the people and emotionally heal them.