How often do you cleanse your scalp and strands? Perhaps, twice a week—if not more? Given that this undertaking is a weekly ritual, investing in a shampoo that suits your hair type doesn’t seem like such a stretch. Besides, the myriad options available on shelves can easily get you in a tizzy, having you reach out for formulations that aren’t well-suited to your scalp and hair type.

Dear beauty aficionados, it needn’t be so hard. Scroll on, for we’re about to commence ‘Shampooing 101’—all the know-how on discerning your hair type and narrowing down on a product that is best suited for it.

Identifying Your Hair Type

There are primarily four hair types: straight, wavy, curly, and coily. Strands with a fine, thin, or coarse texture exemplify straight hair types, whereas wavy hair types possess an inherent S shape. Meanwhile, curly hair types assume an S or Z shape and spring back when stretched, while coily hair can be categorised as loose coils, tight coils, and zigzag coils.

It’s no news that wavy and curly hair types tend to be more frizzy, but this in no way suggests that other hair types aren’t plagued by dryness, too. And remember, when it comes to buy shampoo suitable for your hair and scalp, a lot must be taken into account.

How to Go About Choosing the Right Shampoo?

When making this decision, take into consideration your hair type, hair concerns, scalp type, as well as external factors such as climate, pollution, and sun exposure. Below, we investigate the primary shampoo variants that you can pick from.

  1. Everyday Shampoo: An everyday shampoo is gentle on your scalp and strands, and ideal for daily use. Housing fewer surfactants and conditioning agents, these formulations are likely soap and alkaline-free, making them suitable for frequent use across hair types.
  1. Regular Shampoo: Designed for those who don’t have any specific hair needs or concerns, regular shampoo comprises gentle ingredients that cleanse your scalp without stripping it of its natural oils. Regular shampoo can be applied to dry, greasy, and normal hair.
  1. Clarifying Shampoo: Desire a squeaky clean mane? Consider clarifying shampoos that promise to wash away scalp build-up and dirt often resulting from the overuse of styling products, silicones, and conditioners. But bear in mind, these formulations are harsher on your hair and scalp, and may even make your locks dry and frizzy—a big no-no for curly and coily hair types.
  1. Purifying Shampoo: A purifying shampoo lends your scalp soothing, nourishing, and antimicrobial benefits, owing to the presence of dandelion, willow bark extract, and tea tree oil, among other healing ingredients. Such a concoction is ideal for those tackling dandruff.
  1. Moisturising Shampoo: As the name suggests, this one is to quench your mane’s thirst. Locking in moisture and making your tresses look smoother and shinier, a moisturising shampoo keeps your hair well-hydrated and nourished throughout the day. Curly hair girls, here’s your cue to bid adieu to frizziness!
  1. Volumising Shampoo: We’ve all wished upon a star for a lustrous, voluminous head of hair. And the consistent use of a volumising shampoo could bring us closer to achieving the mane of our dreams. Unlike thickening shampoos that target the hair shaft, these formulations focus on the hair follicles, encouraging healthy hair—perfect for thin, fine hair textures.
  1. Colour-Treated Shampoo: Colour-treated shampoos are suitable for those who have undergone chemical hair treatments and are battling consequent hair damage. Such formulations are infused with ingredients that work to minimise the amount of dye that washes out, making them safe to use across hair types. 
  1. Natural Shampoo: Such products boast plant-based, organic, and raw ingredients including biotin, caffeine, green tea, and saw palmetto. Natural shampoos are usually safe to use across hair types—especially among those who suffer from significant hair loss.
  1. Anti-Breakage Shampoo: Dealing with breakage and split ends? These concoctions work by restoring your scalp’s pH balance, catering to damaged tresses and curly and coily hair types that are prone to excessive frizziness.
  1. Curly-Hair Shampoo: Yes, curly hair types deserve a category of their own. While these formulations can be used by other hair types too, they solely aim to cater to curly and unruly strands that are tough to tame. Enriched with super-hydrating ingredients, these products offer your mane a quick boost of moisture and give your curls some extra TLC.


Once you find your perfect match, be cautious you don’t lather, over-rinse, and repeat. Shampooing your hair too often can strip your mane of its natural oils, furthering breakage and damage. Plus, don’t skip a conditioner. Conditioners smoothen and detangle your hair, making them easier to manage. For those of you with curly locks, a leave-in cream would do wonders!