There are many types of ceiling lighting on the market. Some are fancy, and others are simple. Some ceiling lights provide limited light, while others offer maximum illumination. While all these lights are perfect for ceilings, they might not be ideal for every room. For this reason, this article compiles a list of different ceiling lights and which room they should be installed in to help you choose better. Keep reading to learn!

Recessed Ceiling Lights

Professionals like Electricians Frankston installs recessed ceiling lights into the ceiling. These lights are ideal for homeowners who don’t want ceiling lights protruding. Recessed ceiling lights save space and are suitable for smaller rooms. They provide even light throughout the room without leaving room for shadows.

Recessed ceiling lights used to come with traditional incandescent bulbs, allowing them to provide a slightly yellow light. However, you can now find recessed lights with LED bulbs providing various colored lights. For example, some recessed lights provide cool white and yellow-white light, among others. Lastly, recessed ceiling lights come with dimmers to allow the homeowner to control the light they need at a particular time.

Flush Ceiling Lights

Flush ceiling lights are flat fixtures mounted on the ceiling. They’re versatile and usually range from 12 to 24 inches. Small ceiling flush lights are perfect for hallways, bathrooms, and closets. On the other hand, extensive ceiling flush lights are ideal for bedrooms.

Flush ceiling lights work better on ceilings not taller than eight feet taller. They might not add aesthetic value to taller ceilings, as they leave a lot of empty space.

LED Indirect Ceiling Lights

LED indirect ceiling lights are color-changing lighting solutions. These lights are installed to the ceiling as stripes. LED indirect lights direct the light toward the walls and ceilings, making a room appear larger. This type of ceiling light is affordable and ideal for different interior designs.


Chandeliers are pendant-like ceiling lights with metal rods or chains mounted on the ceiling. These ceiling lights are classy and enhance a room’s appearance significantly. Chandeliers come in a wide range to fit different interior designs.

Chandeliers come with a number of light bulbs hanging from a chain or metal bar to provide excellent illumination to entryways and dining rooms. You can also install a chandelier in the living room to brighten and add a sense of style to your space.

Pendant Ceiling Lights

Pendant ceiling lights are almost similar to chandeliers. However, they come with a single light source. Pendant ceiling lights are ideal for additional lighting alongside flush lights and are commonly used to highlight spots in a house.

You can use pendant ceiling lights in pairs and create a pattern to light the entire hallway. Small pendant ceiling lights are perfect for tiny spaces since they don’t take up too much space. Installing pendant lights in a house is a great way to spruce up your space with lighting.

Inverted Pendant Lights

Inverted pendant ceiling lights are hanging lights with covers on top. These lights direct illumination toward the ceiling instead of the floor. Inverted ceiling lights make smaller rooms appear larger and are perfect for rooms requiring little light.

Ceiling Fan Lights

These types of ceiling lights are two in one. They’re ceiling fans and lights at the same time. Ceiling fan lights are money-savers since they provide illumination while cooling the air. These lights are ideal for every room and come in a wide variety to fit different needs.

Utility Lights

Utility ceiling lights are among the simplest lighting on the market. They’re highly functional and provide enough illumination. They aren’t classy; hence might not be perfect for homeowners looking to add style to their interiors using lighting. Utility lights are suitable for garage and laundry room ceilings based on the amount of light they provide.

Track Or Rail Ceiling Lights

These ceiling lights are installed on metal trails or tracks. Track lights are customizable to fit different interior designs. You can rotate each bulb to face the direction of your desire or direct the lights in one direction for maximum illumination.

Island Ceiling Lights

Island ceiling lights are perfect for modern kitchens. They’re smaller and a bit lower than track or rail lights. However, they light an extensive area, especially since they come in round and square shapes. Though these ceiling lights are excellent for kitchens, they also make a perfect lighting solution when installed over functional desks.


Ceiling lighting plays a significant role in a property’s appearance. A slight mistake in choosing ceiling lights can greatly interfere with your home’s interior design. That said, it’s vital to research different ceiling lighting solutions to fit your interior. If you’re looking forward to installing new ceiling lighting, consider the above list for a seamless choosing procedure, or contact a professional.