Is the popular EA FIFA video game series going down in history forever? What kind of big changes has EA prepared for us and why will the FIFA football organization no longer be part of the popular game project? Is football with fewer footballers on the field waiting for us soon and how will the game adapt to playing on different platforms?

Fans of the popular football video game EA FIFA will probably hold the new edition of the FIFA game in their hands for the last time this year. Namely, Electronic Arts has decided to introduce many novelties in the popular series of video games without which even the betting sites here can’t imagine their offer for punters anymore. Part of the novelty awaits us this year when the game should get new opportunities for multiplatform gaming. But next year should be a major turning point in the life of the popular game given that EA FIFA will go down in history.

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Numerous Shortcomings of the Game in the Modern Digital Age

EA FIFA is certainly one of the most popular video games ever, especially if we consider it in a historical context. The popular FIFA was created more than two decades ago and during that time it attracted many football fans in front of computers and game consoles. EA FIFA has marked a large part of the history of video games, and regardless of its age, this video game is still at the very top of popularity today.

Older fans of this game will remember how EA FIFA in its ancient editions had the ability to play football on a smaller field with fewer players. That functionality disappeared around 2000 when the game took on today’s performance. Admittedly, the visual and gaming performance of the EA FIFA franchise has grown tremendously, and today’s game resembles real conditions on the football field. However, due to various contracts and obligations, EA FIFA had to follow a certain pattern that we know today within the game.

The modern age has also brought some new challenges to the world of video games. This primarily refers to the improvement of game consoles, which are today a fundamental part of the lives of many video game enthusiasts. With the upgrade of consoles and the introduction of high-speed Internet, EA FIFA has been given a new opportunity for a significant turnaround in operation. But with the new opportunities, new problems arose. So EA FIFA today doesn’t allow players to play online against players from different types of consoles, and the problem is in the different performances of the consoles themselves. At the same time, with the progress of football, there has been a greater hunger for money from umbrella football organizations and clubs, and EA is finding it increasingly difficult to cope with such pressure. By itself, Electronic Arts is forced to make some big changes, which we’ll meet this year and next.

Playing Together on Several Different Game Consoles

Already this year, EA has prepared a big surprise for us that we believe will delight many players around the world. Namely, the new FIFA 23 should be able to play together on several different consoles. In particular, players using the PlayStation will now be able to play against players using the Xbox console without any problems. It’ll be great news for the world of video games, ie for the world of EA FIFA. We are sure that such news will delight many FIFA series players around the world. They will be even happier with the information that EA will soon start testing this option on the FIFA 22 game. Therefore, it’s to be expected that the current FIFA 22 will be able to play together on several different consoles. EA will thus remove all hitherto known barriers and allow virtual football fans to enjoy matches no matter which platforms they use.

Given that this is new functionality within the EA FIFA franchise, it’s to be expected that some users will initially have certain problems. For this reason, EA will limit the use of the new functionality to only two modes. The option of multiplatform gaming will be given to Online Seasons and Online Friendlies mode. In this way, EA will limit the possible problems that could arise due to ’testing’ new ways of functioning the FIFA game. Also, EA will allow the new functionality only to the latest versions of consoles, so the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and S will get this option. The Google cloud gaming platform Stadia will also take part in all this, which will also enable multiplatform playing of FIFA matches.

Potential Problems for the New EA FIFA Game Mode

While this move seems harmless to many, the fact is that EA is thus creating an independent environment that will work equally on all platforms. Therefore, this is a huge step forward that will probably run into certain problems in the beginning. Each gaming platform is different, and matching different elements of the game on different platforms is no easy task. Therefore, the new EA FIFA multiplatform gaming functionality won’t be available to gamers on PCs. Desktop computers are excluded from the whole story for now, and the main reason lies in the variety that is difficult to reconcile with the desires of game consoles. It all seems like EA is going extremely carefully into this whole project as it doesn’t want to harm the gaming experience of its fans.

As for the gaming experience itself, EA announced that players won’t notice any differences in the functioning of the game on different platforms. So, everything should be the same whether you are playing on PlayStation vs. PlayStation or on PlayStation vs. Xbox. The gameplay itself should remain the same as before and players won’t notice any differences. All of this is actually a big test project that will show EA whether it pays to spend time coordinating different platforms or whether this option is not interesting for players. EA will ask players for feedback to identify where the potential problems and potentials of the implemented new opportunities lie. Older consoles and older titles will be excluded from the new multiplatform functionality for now. On the other hand, all of this will be a test site that will allow EA to implement new options for future titles and games.

FIFA 23 Will Be the Latest Release of This Popular Video Game

Although it sounds a bit unreal, FIFA 23 is the latest release of this video game. Namely, Electronic Arts has decided that the new generation of this video game will have a different name. There are several reasons for this, the main one being financial. As you probably know very well, FIFA is an umbrella football organization and in order for EA to use the name “FIFA“, it must regularly pay money to that umbrella organization. It’s a huge amount of money that actually represents a big expense to Electronic Arts, and the question is what all the benefits it brings. It will be very difficult for users to embrace the new name of the game, given that we have known the FIFA series for more than 20 years. Still, changes are needed to make the game itself even more advanced and provide even better gameplay to players. We believe that FIFA fans are ready to give up their names in exchange for better and more interesting functionalities of the new game.

A meeting of the leaders of the football organization FIFA and Electronic Arts was held at the end of last year, and even then rumors began that the extension of cooperation won’t happen again. The problem has arisen in finance, where FIFA is asking a whopping $ 2.5 billion to use the name in the game. This is the amount for the next ten years of cooperation, but it’s also the amount that is twice as much as the previously agreed amount. To the leaders of Electronic Arts, that amount seems too much given that apart from the four letters on the box, they get nothing more significant than the umbrella football organization. In fact, the EA itself says that FIFA has limited them in some development plans. There are growing speculations that after FIFA 23 they should get a new game called EA Sports Football Club. Interestingly, the name is reportedly already registered and ready for use in new editions of the EA FIFA series. In this way, the universally recognizable EA FIFA could go down in history forever.

The New EA FIFA Developing With Fewer Players and Smaller Pitches?

In addition to the increasingly loud rumors about the new name of the EA FIFA series of games, more and more interesting news is being mentioned that could come with the new version of the games. EA confirmed that FIFA has insisted that there be 11 vs 11 players in the virtual game and that all rules must be fully in line with the actual rules of football. But now that FIFA will no longer be part of the popular virtual football game, things could change very quickly. The new EA FIFA could thus get new functionalities in which many are hoping for smaller pitches with fewer players. More than 20 years ago, players were able to enjoy virtual futsal within FIFA, and it will be interesting to see if that functionality is coming back to us.

While it may seem at first glance that EA FIFA will lose its value and rich history by changing its name, things for players don’t have to be bad at all. Namely, if the new version of the popular game takes on new features that are rumored, it will be even more interesting to follow the events within the game. By doing so, EA could attract more new football fans and nail them to exciting virtual football matches. The savings that EA will achieve by not signing a contract with FIFA, will be able to invest in the development of new teams and functionality so that ultimately the end players could prosper. What the new EA FIFA will look like and what possibilities it will have remains to be seen. We’re looking forward to some new beginnings because the past shows us that changes are very good and desirable.