Despite the spreading pandemic that has been around in the world since more than two years now and have almost destructed every existing operational manner. Though it be education sector, employment sector, and health sector in the preliminary basis. Along with the current pandemic that have ever existed in the history of mankind including Polio, measles, fungus and others. The very first virus that has a separate domain of pandemic is knows as Hunger. Dissertation writing help in Dubai has been researching on the fact for quit a long time now about the inconsideration topic of pandemic that has been taking lives silently since the beginning of the world.

Hunger has been the issue of a major part of population throughout the world, countries that been under developing position since too long that they have totally neglected from the world map often lie in the category where they are not equipped with basic necessities. Such as Food, Water, shelter and clothes. The main challenge with these counties starts from the head authorities that lie above them and are not very much interested about their progress or immunity as well in the first place.

These countries, cities, regions and localities populated with communal tribes often eat leaves, deadly and venomous animals and survive by preying on them. Rain water is the only source of water for them, whilst they drink gutter water and even urine of certain animals so as to survive and fill their bodies with nutrients.

Living in such an utter dirty environment make these people so ill and weak that they are not left with enough energy to survive and often dies in front of their loved one’s eyes. Moreover, even if people living in the under developed areas have energy to work, the job opportunities for them is equal to none. Mainly because the areas in which live is totally neglected by builders and is not perceived to be as an opportunity to conduct business. This further makes this people helpless and all on their own.

The conditions of such people are often dictated through foreigners visit to such places and in the form of video documentaries which for a specific time span attract people to show sympathy towards these living creatures. However, the element of empathy remains undisturbed, though throughout the year many Non-profit Governmental Organizations (NGOs) work and run campaigns to help these poor people with basic necessities through several charity programs.

However, majority of such actions are only deliberated to gain views and image on social media platforms. Only the reality is known by the residents upon which the circumstances actually fall and also to the people who actually visit such places. Nonetheless, the reality that is bitter and real as well is that on the daily basis hundreds and thousands of people are dying and others are living in such a miserable position that they wish to die a natural death and not because of hunger.

So, if you are in a situation to help such people PLEASE DO.