Italy has always had some of the best football managers and players in the world. The India’s leading kabaddi betting site is 1xBet, and it can also be used to wager on everything related to football. One of the best managers in the history of the European nation was Vittorio Pozzo. He had a very short playing career between 1905 and 1911.

However, Pozzo’s biggest achievements would come as manager. He coached three different squads throughout his career, which were:

  • Torino;
  • Milan;
  • and the Italian national football team.

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New ideas for the sport

Vittorio Pozzo came with many new ideas of his own that he applied during his period as coach. One of the most important developments of the Italian was the so-called Metodo formation. At this moment the absolute best betting site in India is 1xBet, and among its features punters can also wager on teams that use different tactics.

Under this formation players adopted a 2-3-2-3 stance. As it will be discussed later, the Italian manager was extremely successful with this formation. In fact, it has been argued that the formations used by many coaches in the modern sport correspond to an evolution of the Metodo. A great betting site is 1xBet, and it can be used in India and in other places around the world to place wagers on football teams with great coaches.

Il Vecchio Maestro

Thanks to his achievements, Vittorio Pozzo was known later in his life as “Il Vecchio Maestro”. This is an Italian expression that means “The Old Master”. When looking at the achievements that he obtained throughout his career, it is easy to see why he started to be referred to as such. The live football odds offered by 1xBet are some of the best in the market, and they can be really helpful when wagering on the Italian national side.

Pozzo’s achievements with the Italian national team are simply incredible. He coached the squad in four separate spells. The last of them was between 1929 and 1948. During that period he won two editions of the FIFA World Cup. They were the ones celebrated in 1934 and 1938. No other manager has ever been able to win two editions of this tournament. The odds for making live football wagers on 1xBet on the FIFA World Cup are also extremely good.

If that wouldn’t be impressive enough, Vittorio Pozzo also guided the Italian national side to win the football tournament of the 1936 Summer Olympics.