Marriages are lifetime moment, every boy and girl has to take this decision with all their sense, if they have their partner ready or chosen already it is ok, and If not may consult to top matrimonial sites for a variety of options and choose the person as per the preferences.

Every marriage has its concepts; in India, we have commonly seen two types of marriage,

  • Love marriage, which is a new concept and has to face many opposition and Indians still, has not accepted this new way of wedding.
  • Arranged marriage, a typical Indian style marriage, where elders have arranged everything for their children. Some elderly people in a family, such as parents, arrange marriage or grandparents are called an arranged marriage. The concept has been followed for many years in India and still is an essential norm.

Arranging a wedding is not a small task as it is very difficult to find the right mate even after having a good reputation in society. The marriage bureau in Noida has a new concept of profile matching; it helps to get in touch with compatible partners or profiles. It reduces the time that goes in matching and background checking as they are previously checked profiles.

Some of the positive points of a arranged marriage

  • Parents have the authority to check everything from profile matching to background verification. There is a high probability that one would get into a relationship with a family like theirs. This reduces the risk of not trusting people blindly that happens in most love marriages.
  • The couple has a chance to think about their families and has their priorities in mind. So, they would learn to adjust; that is a good approach to have a successful marriage and having a happy family.
  • Well-wishers and family already think about the future consequences and talk about financial and economic conditions after marriage, which the couple did not even know about before marriage.
  • Arranged marriage has a love of newlywed couple and older-aged parents’ experience, thus having higher chances of success. It also ensures a stronger connection and understanding of any relationship.
  • A family has taken care of the opposite family’s cultural, social, financial, and regional background.
  • Laws of adjustment are better.
  • Children of a wedding couple are well managed and behaved by the other family members, friends, and relatives.
  • Arranged weddings already have acceptance in society as they have social recognition and credibility for secure and happy marital life.

Some of the negative points of arranged marriage

  • Adjustment in any marriage is difficult, but its ratio is higher in an arranged marriage as family and partner both are new for a girl or a boy. The couple is not fully aware of other’s likes, dislikes, choices, understanding and other traits.
  • There is a financial burden in some of the societies in India, and it makes the girl parents heavier.

Marriages are the second name of adjustments, love, care and communication; it could be done gracefully or forcefully depending on the couple.