Talk about the new trend to produce Specialty Coffee in Nespresso Compatible Pods

The pod coffee industry might be going the way of single serve. One Vancouver company is using Nespresso compatible pods to make coffee – from any coffee cup.

Podventry CEO Janelle Ludwick says her company already has over 2,000 flavours and 10 varieties of ground coffee and that the volume has been growing quickly.

Australian Coffee Roasters Veneziano Coffee

Australian Coffee Roasters Veneziano Coffee only recently packaged their Special coffee into Pods, and the trend for fine quality beans in Pods is taking off in Down Under.

Ludwick said while she sees this as a trend the fact is coffee is not sold in disposable cups here in Canada and while there might be some change to the way coffee is bought in the future, there won’t be any short term effect.

Podventry offers premium coffee, beans and pods all designed to be eco-friendly and for coffee lovers who like to experiment and expand their pallet.

“We work with Nespresso because we want to be on the Nespresso ready to drink platform,” said Ludwick.

“This is something that everyone knows.”

She said Nespresso-

“Our direct sales in Canada alone have doubled each of the last five months,” she says.

Ludwick says she started the business to create healthy and flavorful coffee for people on the go.

“With no sugar, milk or water added.”

Ludwick says she does believe in adding some healthy ingredients to your coffee and she hopes to incorporate fruit and vegetables soon.

She hopes that with the new craze of preparing coffee in specialised pods pods, more people will use more non-traditional coffee products.

Ludwick says the pods are reusable.\

“You just put them in the fridge when you’re done.”

Wed, Apr 25: Podventry Co-Founder Janelle Ludwick joins Global’s Laura Casella to talk about their pods, and her hopes of people using more non-traditional coffee products.

Listen below:

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Terra Clean coffeemaker

The Terra Clean has an easy set-up, easy clean, and is only $65.

You fill it with water, add the coffee pod of your choice and hit start.

In under a minute, the water will boil, removing the grounds, and allow you to fill it with hot water for your next brew.

Starbucks Forte Cold Brew Kit

Starbucks launched a new line of cold-brew coffee that contains the actual essence of the coffee beans.

The kit contains three varieties of coffee beans: medium roast, decaf and light roast.

You take each packet out of the box and put it into your Terra Clean Cold Brew Machine.

Within 20-30 minutes, you’ll get a cold brew coffee that will keep your drink cold for seven hours.