Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t get your vehicle tyres in the same colour as that of your vehicle body? Well, there are certain reasons why tyres are black and it’s not because of the cosmetics but the functionality as well. 

To help you know more about why vehicle tyres are black, we have created this comprehensive guide that you should go through in its entirety. 

The History Of Tyres

Before you decide to buy tyres online, it’s essential to know their history. Tyres have been in use for a long time now and over the years they have evolved quite a lot – due to enhancement in technology & innovation. 

It all began with wooden wheels, then evolved into metal ones, then iron bands placed on wooden wheels for enhanced stability and finally in the year 1895, rubber tyres were invented. However, you’ll be shocked to know that the first rubber tyres were white, compared to the black ones that you see today. 

The Evolution Of White Tyres Into Black Ones

Back in the 1890s when rubber tyres were used in cars for the first time, it was found that rubber tyres weren’t very durable enough and thereby weren’t ideal for usage. Ultimately, tyre manufacturers started adding soot to the rubber, so that the overall lifespan of the tyres could be improved.

Years later, another compound was invented that dramatically enhanced the durability of tyres and that is carbon black. Hence, soot was replaced with carbon black in the manufacturing process, which is the main reason why tyres are black. 

Having black tyres is easier to keep them clean compared to using white ones. Apart from the improvement in aesthetics, with carbon black, you can also expect better strength & durability from your tyres – which also was one of the reasons why carbon black was integrated into the tyre manufacturing process.

How The Integration Of Carbon Black Helps Making Tyres Stronger?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to know that carbon black massively enhances the strength & stiffness of the tyres, along with other polymers, used during the manufacturing process. Durability, strength and handling are three of the most essential traits that vehicle drivers would want to see in a tyre. Carbon black helps in achieving all of the aforementioned features by conducting heat away from the tyre treads when driving, thereby maintaining the original state of the tyres. 

It must be noted that when ozone, present in the earth’s atmosphere, comes in contact with the rubber polymers present in tyres, they can damage the rubber polymers. Carbon black helps in protecting tyres from the impact of ozone and UV light, thereby maintaining tyre quality and enhancing tyre longevity.

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