Sarkari jobs

Undeniably, there is a sharp increase in the number of aspirants for Sarkari Naukri. Unlike the 2000s, most people prefer Sarkari jobs due to better employee security, higher salary, and peace of mind. Since the disruption caused by Covid-19, especially with the mass laying off of employees, furlough, pay cuts and other uncertainties in the private sector, sparked interest in youngsters who prefer government jobs over private ones. It has led to an increase in the demand for government jobs, with 82.33% of respondents looking to apply for government jobs, as per Live Mint.

What has led to an increase in competition for government jobs?

To no one’s surprise, government jobs have always attracted the Indian youth for their life-altering benefits, which is why there has been a manifold increase in competition in the last 5-7 years. The conducting exam body also explores innovative ways to set a paper to allow only the best minds to join the country’s public domain. That said, the following are some reasons why there is an increase in competition in Sarkari Naukri.

#1: The inflation in the private sector

The IT boom happened in the 2000s when people flocked towards technology, and allowances were pretty attractive. Initially, the private sector offered several lucrative opportunities and people who settled there used to enjoy a secure and peaceful life. However, as more and more people entered the private sector, salaries went downhill, promotions were given pretty late, and employee benefits were reduced. As of now, the private sector does not offer the job security people crave. The entry-level jobs at top companies like TCS and Infosys provide the same salary years back, leading to general inflation.

#2: Sarkari jobs went through a significant transition

When the private sector was busy hiring people at meagre salaries and overburdening them with work, the government sector grew by leaps and bounds. In fact, the Sarkari Naukri department revised their wages, offered amazing growth opportunities, along with additional benefits like medical, housing loans, and pension plans. Over time, Sarkari jobs were competing with the private sector for the country’s talent.

#3: Covid-19 made things difficult for the private sector

The pandemic was pretty tough for the people of the country. And then, the lockdown proved to be a dire period for the working class. Several employees got laid off, many professionals witnessed pay cuts, and others lived in the imminent fear of termination post-Covid-19. This worked like fuel to fire for the Sarkari Naukri sector, where employees found comfort and job security in such challenging times. Moreover, this laid the concrete foundation of the prestige and honour for the Sarkari jobs, inspiring millions of Indians to earn that relaxation for their families.

How to beat the competition for a Sarkari job

Although a few years back, applying for a Sarkari Naukri and earning a seat seemed not that difficult, today, the competition is rife and tough. With tens of lakhs of aspirants applying for several Sarkari jobs, you need to be better than the competition to earn your seat.