The gaming industry is probably the only industry not being affected by Covid-19. People that are confined to their homes due to lockdowns spend their leisure time playing games. It is a source of entertainment for them. As far as Asian countries are concerned, they are considered the power hub of computer game culture. Due to internet proliferation, the gaming industry in Asia has made tremendous progress. 

If you are a game developer and want to tap into Asian Markets, you must go for gaming translation services. More people prefer to buy products and services in their native languages. In the same way, people download games from the web if they are in their mother tongue.

Why go for Localization?

Localization is a step ahead of translation. It helps in the translation while keeping the regional and cultural intricacies in view. According to the survey, in North America, 64% of households use video game consoles. And to your surprise, one out of five people speak a language other than English. Moreover, these people tend to play games in their native language.

Therefore, you can well imagine how important it is to translate the gaming platforms to the native languages of the players. It will give leverage to both the developers and users. At present, developing the games in the English language and just formatting them for non-English speakers don’t produce good results. Moreover, using a machine translation did not produce desirable results. 

Do you want to know why it is very important to localize the games with the help of human translators? This is because they know the local lexicon and regional nuances and provide you with native experience while you play games. Some games have been banned in different countries because they didn’t localize the games while keeping cultural sensitivities in view. Localization of the cooking game in Arab culture is translated to juicy parties, knowing the fact that alcohol is forbidden in Arabic countries. Therefore, it is very important to consider localization in gaming translation services.

Scope of Gaming Translation in Asian Countries

Let’s have a look at some countries of Asia. If you go for gaming translation services for these countries then you can reap high profits.


The gaming industry in China is making progress by leaps and bounds. It has a whopping 665 million players that spend approximately 278 billion yuan on video games. Thus, it makes China the most lucrative market in Asia. The large gaming consumer base has increased the investment of people in the development of games. On the other hand, the Chinese government has levied strict regulations for the gaming industry, but still, China is dominating the global gaming industry and it is expected that it will supersede the USA. 

The worth of the gaming industry in China is 278 billion yuan in 2020. Due to mobile penetration, people of China love to play games on mobile. In terms of gaming revenue, mobile games are ranked first. 75% of the market share is with mobile gamers. The other mediums of the game, home console or browser-based games account only for 5%. One of the reasons why China is making progress in the gaming industry is that they provide games to the gamers in the language in which they like to play.


The Korean Mobile industry is ranked as the 4th largest gaming industry in the world. It has strong mobile gaming publishers and development studios which are evolving with time. The worth of the software gaming market is $2.7 billion. Korea has a population of 50 plus million people. Out of this whopping population, 43 plus million people are gamers. 36 million-plus gamers play games on PC, 18 million-plus gamers play the game on mobile platforms. Moreover, 18 million-plus play games on console devices. The most popular genres of Korean games in the country are racing, sports and simulation. Korea is taking advantage of these stats and going for Korean translation services to attract more avid gamers.


Do you know that 75% of the Russian population lives in the European continent and to your surprise, 75% of Russian territory is present in Asia? Russia is also considered one of the lucrative markets of the gaming industry. Its revenue is expected to reach US$2,300m in 2021. This revenue is increasing with a growth rate of 4.74%. Moreover, it is projected that video games will reach a revenue of US $2,768m by 2025. In the segment of video games, the number of users will reach 64.4m by 2025. The penetration in the gaming industry will be 40.6% this year and will hit 44.4% by 2025. You must be wondering how the Russian market will hit such an enormous target that is expected in 2025. The answer is simple, because of Russian translation services. They are and will translate and localize their games in such a way that they will feel that games are developed for them.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to take leverage of one of the biggest industries of the world and penetrate the continent of Asia? Whether you are developing games in any corner of the world, you can make your games accessible to avid gamers if you translate your games into their native language. Unleash the potential of your online gaming business through gaming translation services.