With a significant number of top brands and models offering washing machines today, it has become challenging to choose the perfect washing machine that meets one’s requirements. One should analyse sufficiently before purchasing a washing machine since it involves a significant investment and can cause buyers’ remorse if an individual is not careful.

The top washing machine models can come in several variants, including top-load, fully automatic, semi-automatic and front-load. If customers want the best wash quality, acquiring a fully automatic front loading washing machine is the best pick of all. Besides all other brands in the Indian market, one can also consider a Whirlpool washing machine. The company is a well-reputed name when it comes to electronic appliances.

Nevertheless, regardless of the brand one picks, it is essential to possess in-depth knowledge regarding such appliances before purchase.

Features to consider before purchasing

Listed below are certain lesser-known aspects of washing machines, which are important considerations before purchasing washing machines –

  • Single motor- The fully-automatic washing machines have a single motor, which functions efficiently and does not need any human intervention.
  • Impellers- Some washing machines consist of propellers at the bottom, and the rotating hub produces turbulent currents in the water as the impeller spins very fast
  • Spin cycle- The concept of spin cycle is easy to understand. The higher the RPM, the more strenuous the wash cycle. For gentle clothes, the spin cycle should be 300-500 RPM, and for thicker fabric, it should be about 1000RPM.
  • Temperature controller- If the machine has an in-built heater, it will help in controlling the water temperature. Also, hot water can clean even the toughest of stains, leaving your clothes like new.
  • Pre-soaking and time delay- Time delay permits the machine to load beforehand but start washing later. A pre-soaking option allows for drenching the clothes for a certain period and starting automatically after some time.

If customers consider these options before purchasing a washing machine, they would not have to worry about anything else. Especially Whirlpool washing machine comprises all of these features and performs efficiently.

Top models of fully-automatic washing machine

Whirlpool 9.5kg fully automatic top loading washing machine (Approximately- Rs.29,000)

  • Whirlpool bloom wash pro with in-built heater and capacity of 9.5kg, 740 RPM spin speed
  • Saves more than two buckets of water
  • 12 wash programs, a smart sensor for indicating the amount of detergent needed and shows an alert for voltage fluctuations and water conditions
  • Provides hot catalytic soak, four power drying options and soaking time
  • Hexa bloom impeller

Keep in mind that this Whirlpool washing machine is perfect for joint families, thanks to its significant tub size.

Samsung 6kg front-load fully automatic washing machine (Approximately- Rs.30,000)

  • Smart-check and chemical-free drum-sanitisation
  • Gentle fabric care
  • LED panel display
  • Child lock and delay end
  • Digital inverter motor
  • 1000 RPM spin speed
  • Diamond drum and ceramic heater

Whirlpool 7.5kg fully automatic washing machine (Approximately- Rs.18,000)

  • Attractive back panel with exclusive features like 6th sense smart technology,
  • Other features like- Spiro wash motion, express wash, smart sensors, and zero pressure fill technology make the job much easier
  • 12 wash programs and 740 RPM spin speed

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