Among many of our compatriots, the stereotype does not cease to exist, according to which the secretarial worries are limited to wearing a short skirt and a deep neckline, regularly serving coffee to the boss, and endless phone calls. This standard of a modern secretary has been engraved on the “body” of the profession thanks to several not very successful examples of low-quality serials replicated on TV, where secretaries were represented by pretty, but not at all intellectually burdened, frivolous girls with mental disabilities and chic external data. In reality, representatives of this profession perform more complex functions and tasks than the heroines of the eternal anecdotes and serials familiar to everyone.

Company Secretaries 

They are, first of all, office workers equipped with wide universal functionality, designed equally for ensuring the full life of the entire organization, and for direct assistance to the leader himself.

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It is customary to associate good-looking girls with the secretary profession who greet visitors with a wide smile. Indeed, thanks to the ability to be polite and helpful in all situations, as well as to withstand monotonous daily work, in the overwhelming majority of cases, such positions are occupied by women. Acting as a secretary is always a side-play. An applicant for such a position must understand that he will always remain “in the shadows”, granting the laurels of honor to his immediate supervisor.

Since the company secretarial is the face of the office, many executives believe that such a face should be pretty. That is why good looks and young age are important criteria when choosing a candidate. However, there are no less common cases when ladies of more respectable years work as secretaries – their main advantage is the business qualities developed over the years. Together with them, sociability, openness, delicacy, and the culture of communication, in general, are highly valued.

Communication does matter

By the nature of his work, the company secretarial has to communicate with different people and regardless of their mood, he must remain polite in any situation. To do this, a representative of this profession must be friends with self-control and be emotionally stable, able to remain calm and collected, even when the interlocutor becomes rude. The behavior of the secretary should always leave the impression that the company, like himself, will do everything possible to solve the problem. Therefore, if you are shy, it is a problem for you to smile at strangers and make contact with them, then this kind of work is definitely not for you.

Job and main secretarial responsibilities

In one form or another, every company has a secretary position. Depending on the size and profile of the organization, they may be required as receptionists, receptionists, assistants, or even personal assistants and executive assistants. In any case, the job market in this area is quite extensive. In smaller companies, these positions tend to be intermingled with other work.

In contrast to large organizations

In contrast, where the duties of secretaries are spelled out quite clearly. These usually include:

  • Receiving incoming and making outgoing calls, on behalf of the immediate supervisor;
  • Interaction with visitors of the reception – consulting them, making an appointment with the boss, etc.
  • Booking the work of the prompt director;
  • Acceptance of correspondence showing up for thought by the head and another report stream;
  • Drawing up letters, requests, answers, and other documents on behalf of the chief;
  • Provision of the manager’s workplace with all the necessary office equipment and office supplies;
  • Organization of reception  visitors;
  • Formation of cases, ensuring safety
  • Organizations of business trips of the chief – booking tickets and hotels;
  • Carrying out other service assignments.

It should be borne in mind that secretarial work is extremely responsible. Its main task is to create conditions that will contribute to the maximum efficiency of the leader. You must also need the guide on share certificate to present your business. This is precisely its main importance, both for the boss himself and for the company as a whole. When holding such a position in a more or less large Singapore company, you can count on an average salary of 40-45 thousand, and the position of an assistant company secretary – even up to 50 thousand. In the regions, of course, the salary of such workers is much lower.

Required skills and qualities for the applicant

Of course, the qualification requirements for secretaries will depend on the direct employer, since the functions performed, depending on the organization and its profile, can differ significantly. In any case, to take up such a position, higher education is not compulsory – as a rule, secondary specialization or taking courses is sufficient. But at the same time, a university diploma gives the applicant an advantage in employment, especially if his profile, in one way or another, relates to the activities of the company.