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Revamp your work wardrobe with DrapeFit

Summers offer a flexible space to play with colors and styles that adds life to your work wardrobe. Bright colors add freshness and excitement to the room, while styles ensure your fashion game is on point every time. To help you curate a lifelike work wardrobe, we have put together this guide. So whether your dress code is formal, casual, or somewhere in between, you will have plenty of options to choose from.

Color Optimization

Colors will be your best friend this summer. We will help you revamp your wardrobe using colors in two ways.  First, go for the monochrome trend. Wearing the same color top and bottom adds structure and uniformity to the attire. Pastel and warm colors work best here. Second, play with the shade card. Combine a lighter and darker shade of the same color or family of colors. Accessorize these up with subtle neckpieces and a handbag to achieve a complete look.

Dressing Up

You cannot go wrong with a dress in the 9 to 5 arena. They are the lifeline of work wardrobes. Depending upon your body type, pencil, bodycon, A-line, or peplum dresses are a few of the top picks. Further, you can enhance them by adding accessories like trendy earrings, handcuffs, or neckpieces for a style statement. Finally, finalize the look by wearing your favourite heels.

For an easy space

If your workspace has a semi-formal or casual dress code, this is the space for you. Opt for a formal shirt and blazer and pair them with denims to send on an effortless vibe. Another option is to put on culottes or pants with a fitted top. Add a defining neckpiece to both these attires for an elevated look. And put on stilettos or block heels to seal the deal.

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