How is your online hookup experience going so far? Are you getting many matches, or have you run out of luck? If you’re from the second group, there must be something wrong you’re doing that pushes people away from you. You’re perfect, and there’s nothing wrong with you, but sometimes we don’t notice that we’re making some silly mistakes that fail our online adult dating experience. As a matter of fact, online hookup is mostly about texting. What you text and type defines you and makes an impression about who you’re. So, everything you type, either in your bio or in the conversation with a match, should be chosen carefully. Before getting into it, check out the list of best cam sites.

What not to write in your bio?


The most essential element in your dating profile is your bio. You can’t leave it empty. What is the reason that will encourage people to match with you? No matter how attractive your profile picture is, you need to write something to define who you are and what you want. You need to keep in mind that people will think that this profile is fake because it doesn’t have a bio!

Show yourself as superior

Come on. We’re all into online adult dating because we want to find casual relationships. No one is better than the other. You can’t go on bragging about how cool you’re and how extraordinary your presence in such an app is. Avoid writing things like “I’m too hot to be here” or “leave my profile. I’m definitely more attractive than you are” there are people who actually write these things, and it’s completely repellent.

A stupid user name

People start making an impression about who you’re when they visit your profile. What’s the first thing which captures their attention? After your profile picture, it’s absolutely your bio. Don’t use silly names like “Mr. Muscles” or “hearts breaker” or whatever name that makes you look like you’re insane. Your real name would definitely be great.

Detailed description

“if you’re not rich and handsome, don’t text me” or “I’m looking for a hot and tall girl” these things in your bio will make you look mean and rude. People who were thinking about texting you will feel offended.

Negative bio

Your bio needs to be a source of positive energy. Don’t put gloomy and sad quotes, and don’t you ever underestimate yourself using negative words as well. You should show confidence and treat yourself with appreciation in order to get value from others.

What not to say in a conversation?


Wow, what a great way to impress someone! It’s not great at all. Starting your conversation with your match in such a boring opening will do you no good. Think a little out of the box and be original.

Personal questions

“How did your mom die?” or “How much money do you make from your job?” don’t you ever do that unless you want to make someone hate you and never think about talking to you. It’s not appropriate nor respectful. Know your lines and don’t cross them.

Demanding texts

“I want you to tell me why I would hook up with you? What’s a special thing about you?” what are you trying to do by asking these kinds of questions? That match is not doing an audition to know if they’re good enough to spend the night with you or not.

Desperate messages

Don’t beg for a reply from anyone. When someone isn’t answering your messages, they’re probably not interested in you. It’s okay. You won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, no matter how cool you’re. Don’t be pathetic and save your face.

Physical compliments

Giving a compliment for someone’s look will make them feel uncomfortable no matter how good the compliment is. Compliments like “Your body is perfect” or “You have the cutest smile ever” aren’t right. Women especially have expressed how annoying these kinds of compliments are. At least don’t give a physical compliment in the early stages of the relationship.

Politics and racism

These topics are not to be approached no matter what. Sensitive issues like those cannot be discussed with someone you’re planning to date, which will ruin the whole plan. Furthermore, you might disagree with the match’s beliefs and principles and then fight.


Now that you know what you should never say in online adult dating, maybe you’ll have a bigger chance to meet an attractive casual partner. Be yourself, respect everyone’s private zone..