German watches are undeniably unique. Their designs are influenced by the Bauhaus philosophy with its minimalist approach and the idea that form follows function. Simplicity, symmetry, clarity and practicality are very important. The craftsmanship involved in the production of these timepieces is superb, sharp, unique and easily rivals the best Swiss craftsmanship. Watch movement work is often immediately recognizable, with features such as 3/4 plates, striking regulators, sophisticated jewelry and the use of German silver. So, here are five notable luxury German watches that will look perfect on any outfit.

Barcelona Pionier

A large modern European watch. The grand concept of this watch is just for those who love rugged and masculine watches. Great design and great quality watch. This improves performance and reliability. This is your daily watch. This watch is perfect for any occasion, as  it was designed with versatility and practicality in mind. Meticulously handcrafted in Munich, Germany, Barcelona from the Pionier collection delivers a contemporary design for the urban gentleman. A modern yet classic timepiece, this luxury men’s watch makes for a timeless accessory.

Aruba Pionier

A thoroughly modern mechanical watch that goes beyond just looks. Functionality and design come together beautifully in this German-made Aruba Diamonds automatic watch. Perfect precision of timing. Perfect precision on your wrist. This clock is very easy to set. The openworked dial reveals the intricate self-winding movement. A skeletonized date display adds to its uniqueness. Elegant hands, fine diamond trimmings, and large Roman numerals are combined in a high-quality stainless steel case.

Dublin Pionier

Full calendar function displayed harmoniously on the watch face. This watch fits very comfortably on your wrist. German engineering and careful hand assembly result in a perfect timepiece combination. Wearing this watch on your wrist gives you the ultimate in confidence. It’s all in the details. Dublin Pioneer offers the distinctive look and quality of luxury automatic watches. It’s sure to become a long-term staple in your collection. A mechanical watch never goes out of style, so it’s always a safe choice for all!

Boston Pionier

This handcrafted German timepiece is made for the modern gentleman. With a beautiful finish on the case and fine details, the quality of this luxury timepiece is clear as day. The open back provides a clear view of the precision mechanism. A high-end mechanism which embodies German craftsmanship, Boston comes with a striking dial design. The Made in Germany Boston Pioneer guarantees authenticity, uniqueness and durability. The open heart design showcases the beautiful engraving tones, creating a true classical masterpiece. An ideal choice for the gentlemen who appreciates style and luxury.

Venezia Theorema

This masterpiece is a perfect representation of Tufina’s legacy of watchmaking. Made in Germany, Venezia from the Theorema collection showcases the most beautiful handmade embroidery. A high-end watch with a story to tell, Venezia offers a variety of designs to choose from. Whether you prefer the gorgeous stainless steel silver or blue straps, or the genuine cow leather bands, this watch can flatter any outfit with ease. A mechanical see-through timepiece which perfectly exhibits the finest details, this luxury men’s watch is a perfect fit for those who appreciate glamor, fashion and prestige.