Have you ever been to the city of Philipsburg? The city is a quaint tourist destination that was a popular Montana mining town. A lot of travelers visit the city to spend days with the panoramic views. In this city, you will adore the National Historic Business District presents scenic beauty and historic charm.

Philipsburg is located in Southwest Montana. There are many good-looking places to explore here. The city offers for each of you, so plan a tour to relish the beauty of the local culture of Philipsburg. Find out about the exclusive unique gemstone collection by booking Jetblue Airlines Tickets.

1. Begin with Mining Philipsburg Sapphires

Being the land located in the US, Philipsburg in Montana is also known as the Treasure State. The city has been contributing immense charm with commercial mining spaces. They are a few of them that are located in Philipsburg. You must begin your journey from this location which is the most popular of all. Doesn’t miss Gem Mountain, which is highly popular and is located 22 miles west of the downtown area. 

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2. Visit the Granite County Museum

Find out the Granite County Museum that is inside the former Courtney Hotel on South Sansome Street. There is a local museum inside that was founded back in 1991. This museum is a must-visit place for exhibiting Philipsburg’s rich mining history. When you are here, you can observe old mining equipment, antiques, photographs, and a grand mural inside the museum. Enjoy a tourable underground mine that is available in the museum for tourists!

3. Spend an Afternoon at the Granite Ghost Town

One of the charming points in the city is the granite ghost town. this place offers the rich mining history of Montana today. Plan a tour of the Ghost towns throughout the state. And one such is the Granite Ghost Town in Philipsburg, a must-visit. You will take less than five minute’s drive from the town to reach this point. This ghost town is a unit of Montana’s State Park System. This place was known as “Montana’s Silver Queen” during the mining days. 

4. Visit the Historic Opera House Theatre

Visit the oldest operating theatre in Montana that is the Historic Opera House Theatre. This theatre was built in 1891. At this place, you will find a lot of stuff to explore. Have a long day trip here to enjoy many exclusive things about the city! 

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5. Explore and Drive Through the Pintler Veteran’s Memorial Scenic Highway

Make sure when you visit Philipsburg, you also pay your visit to the nearby Montana cities. Plan a tour of the Pintler Veteran’s Memorial Scenic Highway for the same. This town is located 64-mile long routes from Anaconda and goes all the way long through Georgetown Lake, Philipsburg and Drummond. 

Enjoy this highway that offers sage-covered hills, conifer-clad mountains, and endless scenic beauty with Jetblue Airlines Booking

6. Visit the ‘Sweet Palace.’

This is the most famous location in the city, being famous as the Sweet Palace. You will find a candy emporium here that is located in downtown Philipsburg. This palace has been operating for over 20 years now. Now, this palace offers over 1,000 different kinds of candies and other treats. 

So, guys enjoy your tour here with a lot of entertainment sites. You can use the Jetblue Airlines Cancellation if you want to cancel your bookings!