If you want to be financially stable, you must have a precise plan. At present, you will find plenty of options to increase your income, like investing in assets, buying stocks, or trading and investing in cryptos. Of all these options, crypto trading and investment are the most profitable way to increase your income. 

But before you start with the crypto market, you need to have in-depth knowledge about it. Therefore, to help you out, we have brought you this article; below, we have answered some of the most asked questions that will help you become a crypto expert.   

What is cryptocurrency?

You need to know that cryptocurrency can look like bonds, stocks, or other online trading methods, but it is quite different from others. As per the website Jonathon Spire, cryptos are digital currencies with no physical existence; they can be used to buy products and services. Also, they are a type of online asset because you can invest in them. 

This digital currency uses blockchain technology to operate in the digital space. Since it is decentralized, therefore, it cannot be controlled or monitored by anyone, including the government, financial institutions, or individuals. It also helps to avoid the adverse effect of inflation. 

What cryptos should you buy?

After learning about cryptocurrency, you must be willing to know what cryptos are best for investment. Do you know how many crypto-currencies are there in the market? Well, there are over 18,000 cryptos available in the market. Therefore, the possibility of confusion and money loss is high. Thus, you must invest only in those cryptos that are profitable, like Bitcoin (BTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Cardano (ADA), Ethereum (ETH).

Among all these coins, Bitcoin (BTC) is the most profitable crypto at present; it is also the most significant contributor to the crypto market. Just after Bitcoin (BTC), people’s favorite is Ethereum (ETH); they invest huge amounts in this coin, making it the second-largest contributor. But to play safe, you must invest in Binance Coin (BNB) or Cardano (ADA) since both of these are profitable, and beginners-friendly. 

To invest or trade in cryptos you will need to have a crypto exchange; thus we recommend you use the leading crypto exchange named Bitcoin Prime. Check out Bitcoin Prime website to know more about this platform.

Is cryptocurrency legal?

Now the most important question- “is crypto legal?” The simple answer is, it is legal in some countries and illegal in some, but mostly it stands somewhere in between in other countries. Countries like the U.S, Canada, and the U.K. have made cryptos legal. Whereas, China, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, and a few more have made crypto illegal. But most counties, such as Mexico, India, Denmark, France, and other major countries have neither legalized cryptos nor banned them. This shows, there are both positive and negative possibilities for recognizing this digital currency in all these countries. 

Final thought

From the above analysis, we can conclude that cryptocurrency has great potential to bring a revolution in the global financial market. Therefore, it is the best time to invest in this digital currency and make some profit out of it.  Lastly, we would like to suggest, before making any investment you must understand the market and its trends, else you can lose all your money.