Think You Know What Makes a Car Valuable Read This and Think Again

More important than which car you’re buying is the question of how you’re buying a car. Most people want a better deal than saves them money. This is the problem of utmost priority that all car buyers tackle whenever they become practical about the process.

From the exterior of the car, you might be able to tell a thing or two about its value. However, did you know that factors such as the colour of the car and the time of year it’s being sold also impact a car’s value? Moreover, notice how the launch of a new model with a different trim brings down the value of the previous model? Factors such as geography, societal culture, developments in the automotive industry, etc. can help you save a lot of money whether you’re buying or selling your car.  

There are many things other than just what you’re seeing in front of you that impact a car’s value. Here’s some of them:

Colour of the Car

As stated above, the geographical climate can factor into the pricing of a car. For example, used cars for sale in Dubai that are in black will be priced less than brighter coloured variants. This is simply because of the sun.

Since black colour tends to attract more sunlight, black cars are automatically less heat-resistant. Naturally, you’ll need more air conditioning to keep the car cool and it’ll heat more and quicker than other coloured cars whenever it’s parked under the sun. Especially in a country like the UAE, although black might be more stylistically preferable to most, practical car buyers are always careful of this.

The Only Features are Default Features

This is something you need to understand if you’re in the habit of modifying your car. Whether you equip your car with a stereo system worth AED 5,000 is your personal choice.

Similarly, any external modifications such as customized wheels, rims, or even trim changes, etc. are all individual preferences. You shouldn’t expect this money to be added to your car’s value. Sure, the principal works in real estate, such as adding a swimming pool in your house’s backyard, but never in automobiles.

Everyone wants their car to be genuine with regards to its parts and features. While you can take your things and fit them in the new car, you won’t be able to get the same money you spent on their sale. That is, even if you find someone who’s willing to buy everything as you’ve designed it.


Any buyer that you present your used car for sale in the UAE will only be impressed if they see a perfectly clean car. This doesn’t just mean that you get it serviced at the time of viewing.

Try the rusty spots around the body and get them filled and painted. That particularly persistent cluster of dust in the trunk that you always forget to vacuum, get it done. Every spot a buyer finds in the car is a stain on the car’s value for them. Regardless of how well your car drives, how well its engine or integral parts have been maintained, etc. you can be sure that a buyer wants a new car.


These are some of the off-the-table tips that you might not think about whenever you consider the automotive market. Nonetheless, there’s no denying their effectiveness.