Did you know that over 53% of adults aged 18 and over meet the aerobic physical activity guidelines? If exercising isn’t really your thing, but you need to work on your health, you might have looked into how paintball can help.

Let’s face it, working out isn’t fun for most people. Luckily, paintball provides you with a great workout without you even knowing it. You’ll be distracted by the endless amount of fun you are having!

Before stepping onto a paintball course, it’s important to be prepared. Keep reading to learn what to wear when you play paintball.


When you play paintball, it’s not necessary to cover your head, but a lot of players prefer it. Your head is a sensitive area that can cause a lot of pain if you were to get hit there.

You can wear a general hat like a beanie, headwrap, or a backward-fitted baseball cap.

Headbands are another option that can protect your forehead while soaking up sweat at the same time! Headbands can help make your paintball mask more comfortable to wear and reduce condensation that might fog up your lenses.


The right paintball clothes will allow you to enjoy the game more without worrying about pain from a hit. Let’s start by going over what not to wear:

  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Tank tops

Anything that exposes your skin should be avoided. Even if you aren’t worried about a paintball shot, avoiding these clothes will help you in the game while you are kneeling, crawling, or sliding around the course.

Wearing too many layers is another rookie mistake. You don’t want to overheat from running around.

Playing paintball in a layer or two of loose-fitting clothing is the best option. You can shop here for the right paintball gear or pick out a baggy long sleeve shirt from your closet to avoid spending extra money.


Another one of the best paintball tips regarding what to wear is choosing the right shoes. Before deciding on what kicks to rock, you’ll want to consider the type of paintball course you are going to.

If you are playing scenario paintball or woodsball, you’ll want to wear shoes with some tread and ankle support. Hiking boots, trail runners, and running shoes all work for these types of courses.

Football or soccer cleats are best suited for speedball because the rubber spikes help you run around on turf and grass.

It’s not recommended to wear cleats for woodsball as they don’t work well on rocks, wood, and concrete.

No matter what course you are on, avoid wearing sandals and any other open-toed shoes. Choose shoes that are broken in and comfortable to mitigate the risk of hurting your feet when playing paintball.

Wear This When You Play Paintball

Playing paintball is the opposite of a fashion contest, so it’s best to find clothing items that are comfortable rather than stylish.

To avoid injuries when you play paintball, wear headgear, clothes that cover your skin, and the right shoes based on the course you are playing. Loose-fitting clothing is a common option for experienced paintballers.

Keep your skin, and your toes covered when you step onto the course, and don’t forget to come back for more advice on this blog!