From megabits to bits, from CAT to Cables, one has to know about cables before moving forward with the concept of purchasing them. When you are buying the rj45 ethernet cable, you might get confused. 

As there are many verifications of the cables, you might get scared. However, you can easily buy the cables; once you delve deeper into knowing the terms and benefits of the different ethernet cables, you will easily differentiate between which one you need. 

What Do You Need To Know To Buy The Rj45 Ethernet Cable?

  • Slower connection or high-speed Internet connection?

You first have to start by assessing the speed of your home internet connection. If your connection can provide you up to the speed of Gigabit, then having an old ethernet cable will not be sufficient. 

However, if you have a slower internet connection, getting a CAT5 ethernet cable will be enough. The best way to analyze the speed is by checking the description of the internet subscription. 

However, if you do not have it, we recommend you do a speed test on PC directly. Next, consider the factor of speed you require for the network. This is an important factor that you cannot look away from if you stream extremely high-bandwidth videos. 

In that case, getting a CAT 8 network cable will be enough. With Progressive routers, the need to choose the cable that will cover the deliverance of faster network speed will become apparent. So, you have to choose the recent version of cables.

  • Shielding or foil wrapping?

All the ethernet cables that go above the threshold of CAT 6 are shielded. The shield prevents the interference of excessive noise. 

Generally, a shielded ethernet cable is covered using a layer of grounded foil that will help the cable to prevent the strong surges of electromagnetic interference. The more connections there are, the more interference there will be. 

For example, with plenty of wifi signals, Bluetooth connections, and other applicable activities, the unshielded cables will be excessively at risk of running interferences and distortion issues. 

As the Ethernet cables can be expanded for a longer distance, unshielded Ethernet cables may not be an intelligent choice. That is why, if you possess a complex setup, then choosing CAT 8 network cable will result in efficacy. 

However, the foil wrapping is wrapped around each twisted pair of wires placed within the ethernet cable. The method of foiling the inside of the cable reduces the crosstalk and signal pollution between the twisted pairs. 

However, with the increased development in the realm of technology, a sheath of foil has been added to make the cable for providing maximum protection.  

Types Of Ethernet Cables:

Depending on the generational development of the cable, there are several cables available in the market. 

  • CAT3
  • CAT5
  • CAT5E
  • CAT6
  • CAT6A
  • CAT7
  • CAT7A
  • CAT8

Each cable has its specification and capacity. The generation of results will be different as well. 

Ending note:

Now that you know the role of each component and how each aspect of the cable helps strengthen the serviceability of the cable, you can choose the one according to your requirement easily.