Entering into the world of hair fashion? There is some good news for you. Here you can opt for multiple hairstyles for multiple events. Wigs are accessory that provides great versatility of colour, types, styles and much more. If you were not familiar with the wigs? Then you have missed a lot. But no worries. Here you will get a brief introduction to wigs and furthermore how to choose the right wig as a beginner that will fulfil your needs. People buy wigs due to certain reasons. Most of them buy wigs in order to protect their natural hair. A few get a wig to hide their baldness. So a variety of reasons and huge diversity in wigs make a combo. In this article, you will get a chance to know about wigs and how to choose them wisely.

What is a wig?

A wig is basically a hair accessory generally made of (synthetic hair or human hair). This Accessory helps you to cover your hair and allows you to have multiple hairstyles. There is a great diversity in wigs, in terms of colour styles and designs. Waves are worn for various reasons as it provides great utility. 

Major types of wigs:

These are the major and popular types of wigs that are widely used for hairstyling and their usefulness.

Full lace: A wig is typically made along with a lace cap and the hair is sewn throughout the wig. It gives you a really natural-looking hairline, which is generally made of human or synthetic hair and is quite simpler to make adorable hairstyling since it may be parted anywhere. It also allows you to get more comfort whenever you wear it Because this wig is breathable. You feel less heavy than standard wigs.

Front lace wigs:  You will get lace on the front parts of the wig instead of having the lace all around the wig. This is a little different from the rest of the types as it provides great utility to its users. It has a great structure that enables you to have a natural-looking hairline. Wigs are mainly used for attaining a good we-defined hairline which most wigs are failed to provide. Front lace wigs are made generally made with durable materials that have a super tight grip and provide great support to your head. Additionally, these wigs are less expensive so you can enjoy a great package of features by having this wig.

Non-lace wigs:  Non-lace wigs are all same as lace front wigs, but these wigs don’t have lace on their front parts. These wigs are made with the material (nylon). These wigs can be produced by using any type of hair material and have more firm structure. These wigs are less expensive than other wigs.

What to choose (Synthetic hair or Human hair wig)?

Firstly you need to decide what type of material whether a human hair material or synthetic material. The decision is yours. Both materials are a little different from each other. Let’s uncover.

Synthetic hair wig:

Synthetic hair wigs are versatile and easy to wear. If you want to go to a party or any event and you are in a great hurry. So, synthetic wigs are a get option to opt for. These wigs are more affordable than human hair wigs. Synthetic hair wigs are less natural-looking especially in the daylight due to their high sheen. Synthetic wigs have fibres of multiple materials. It could be (polyester, acrylic etc). As human hair wigs are expensive so investing in synthetic hair wigs is not a bad option.

 Human hair wig: 

These are wigs that are made of 100% original human hair. Human hair wigs may be entirely customized and used in your daily routine. Nevertheless, it’s highly important to consider buying synthetic wigs because there are numerous types of human hair wigs and the 2 basic categories are: Asian and European hair.

Asian hair wigs have a market of 98%. On the other hand, European wigs have 2% of the market. This is a clear difference in that the majority of people use Asian wigs. 

Choosing the right wig style:

The most crucial step is to choose a style as a beginner. You can start choosing a wig (short, lengthy or medium). Now let’s select a type of hairstyle such as (waves, bob, longa and bangs). Don’t get confused as a beginner choose a style that you already know about it. This will give you confidence and later on you will be able to select the right wig for yourself. 

Selection of perfect cap size:

The majority of people use average-sized wig caps because this size is easy to wear and it fits on majority of people. Now modern wigs come up with Velcro straps that are flexible and have elasticity to some extent. For a better idea, you will have to measure the head size for a perfect cap size. So let’s measure your head. 

Cap sizesMargins
Child 19
Large 23
Standard/ Average 22

Choosing the right cap construction:

These are the popular cap construction that is widely used by their users. 

  • Front lace: It provides you with a natural-looking hairline and looks like your natural hair.
  • Open cap: This type of cap construction provides you with a feature (breathable) that means your scalp and hair beneath the wig will stay healthy.
  • Conventional: Traditional wigs are best to provide huge hair volume.
  • Hand-tied: This type of cap is famous for allowing your hair to move freely and is the best option for opting for multiple hairstyles.

Choosing the right colour: 

Colour selection of the wig is also very important as the colour should match to your skin tone. Many people don’t think about this point that colour should match their skin tone. So keep this in mind whenever you select a colour for a wig. Choose it wisely. www.tinashehair.com have the best wigs. You may check out them.