If you’ve ever heard the phrase “It’s crunch time,” you no doubt get the essence of what a dev team sprint is all about. You have a short time period and much to accomplish. So how do you make the most of your next sprint? Unsurprisingly, technology holds the key. Keep reading to learn how simple virtual meeting branding & customization can boost your team’s productivity and success. 

Utilize Efficient Task Planning Tools

Task planning tools are literally everywhere. Depending on how your virtual workspace is set up, you may already be using something like Asana, Wrike or ClickUp. If you’re on Microsoft Teams, you may be using its native task planning and management features. Whatever tool you’re using, you should be gaining some critical benefits: 

Besides these obvious benefits, task planning tools offer other great advantages. With tasks visible to all team members, everyone stays on the same page with each project. Team members can also understand the bigger picture — how their actions and projects contribute to your organization’s larger needs. 

Consistent Communication Is Key

Task planning and other collaboration tools help your team accomplish common goals. However, consistent communication remains a vital need. Without it, your team cannot effectively stay on task and accomplish its goals. 

Modern workplaces have so many communication channels available. Email, group chats and video calls offer different benefits. Whichever methods you choose, you should keep consistent protocols in how you use them:

  •  Email may be best for communicating with those outside your organization or sending more formal messages internally.
  • Group chat and instant messaging is useful for synchronous collaboration or time-sensitive messages.
  • Video calls are ideal when face-to-face communication is needed, often for real-time problem-solving or other times when face-to-face is more beneficial. 

With a couple of simple tweaks, you can promote a virtual space that encourages focus and professionalism. Logo-branded virtual backgrounds for Google Meet are an excellent way to do this. Many customizable backgrounds feature sleek, minimalist work environments such as private offices, team workspaces, conference rooms and lounges. Minimalist modern decor makes them look attractive without being visually distracting. They may also include a neutral-colored viewer-facing wall that’s partially blank: This allows plenty of space to integrate your company logo. 

Not everyone on your team has to or should use the same virtual background, of course. But similarly-styled images can promote a cohesive virtual environment among your team members. 

Choosing Your Virtual Backgrounds

You’ve now seen how virtual backgrounds for Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams can help your team achieve its goals during a dev sprint. Whether you have graphic design experience or not, you can easily create the high-quality backgrounds you need for little to no cost. Online services such as Zoom Virtual Office allow you to choose a background image and upload your company’s logo for fast, effortless integration. Once you download the finished image, you’re done. Just pop it into your virtual meeting platform and you’re ready to go.