Live music is a great way to add some extra fun and excitement to your hen party. It’s also a memorable way to share the love with your bridal party and friends who may not be able to make it. But how do you go about planning the perfect live act? We’ve got some tips for hosting live entertainment at your next soiree:

Find the right group.

When selecting a live music act for your hen party, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Firstly, choose a group that suits the theme of your hen party. For example, if it’s going to be held at an all-day festival with lots of activities and activities, then something upbeat and energetic would suit best. If it’s going to be held at someone’s home or something more intimate where people can mingle easily then maybe consider something like acoustic guitar music or a mellow jazz trio. You may also want to consider whether or not the venue has acoustic issues (for example: is there proper soundproofing?) This will help determine what kind of sound system they need and how much space they will require on stage during their performance time.

Secondly, choose an action based on how many guests are attending so everyone can see/hear them properly! An entire band might not fit into small spaces like bedrooms but solo acts could easily perform for smaller groups because they don’t require any additional equipment aside from themselves (and maybe an amplifier if needed). Remember that this isn’t just about finding someone who plays well; it’s also about having fun!

Don’t let them play in the corner.

When you have a band playing at your hen party, don’t just let them play in the corner and expect everyone to hear them. Make sure they are visible and can interact with your guests. The best way to do this is by having the band set up at a table near the center of your venue, where they can be seen by everyone in attendance.

There are many reasons why this is important; for example:

  • It builds energy at your hen party
  • It allows people who are shy or not comfortable on stage to get involved (or participate from afar)
  • It makes people feel good about themselves when they see others having fun

Don’t Forget to Decorate

One of the best ways to ensure that you’ll have plenty of people at your hen do is to decorate. Decorating is a pretty broad term, though. You don’t just have to cover up the ugly wallpaper in your venue and make it look more like Pinterest than a house for sale in Wigan.

You need to think about everything from the stage decorations (if there are one), to what you’re going to put on top of your food table and drinks station, right down to personalizing each member of the band’s instruments with glitter pom-poms or flower decorate is a perfect addition. This beautiful decoration is made from high-quality materials look at this place flower shop parnell.

Don’t schedule anything else during their performance.

You’ll want to make sure you don’t schedule anything else during their performance to ensure the hens have no distractions and can hear the music. You don’t want them talking over one another, or trying to catch the attention of other hen parties nearby.

Prepare Instruments & Equipment

  • Make sure that you have all the instruments and equipment needed for live music.
  • Check if there are mics, sound systems, and a stage available.
  • Ask someone to be your stage manager.

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Give them a well-lit spot to play.

You might think that a stage is all it takes to make your mum, sister or best friend feel special. But when you’re playing live music at an event, the stage is only one part of the equation. You need to give them a well-lit spot to play in front of—and not just because it looks better when they’re up there and you want people to take notice! The lights are also important for safety reasons: if there isn’t good lighting, then spectators (including other performers) will be at risk of tripping over themselves or hitting each other in the dark.

If possible, find out where your band will be playing before booking them so you can see whether or not there’s enough natural light available during their set time. If not, consider hiring some extra lighting equipment like spotlights or disco balls from eBay; this way everyone can see what’s happening onstage without blinding everyone else who’s watching on the dance floor with their phone flashlights turned on full blast (which could cause serious damage!). You could even hang up some paper lanterns around where they’ll be playing so that people don’t bump into any obstacles while trying not to miss anything either—and as a bonus, they look pretty impressive too!

Dress to Entertain Yourself

If you’re planning on hosting a live music event, it’s important to dress in something that is comfortable and allows you to move around freely. The last thing that you want during your hen party is to be worried about your outfit preventing you from dancing along with everyone else.

If possible, wear something that will make you feel good when the time comes for the band to start playing their first song—whether that means dressing up or keeping things casual like this Rowie the label. Think about what kind of personality your group has and what kind of music they like; this will help give some insight into how much effort should go into dressing up for the occasion.

Finally, always keep in mind that whatever clothes or costume items are worn must be appropriate for where it is being put on display (i.e., at home). In other words: no nudity!

Make sure they have food and water if they don’t get a break.

  • Make sure they have food and water.
  • If they don’t get a break, make sure they have food and water.

The reason this is important is that bands are often on tour and don’t get breaks during their shows, so if you expect them to perform for 3 hours straight without eating or drinking anything, it could be a disaster. Ensure that the band has enough time to eat and drink during the function before they start playing (eg: ask them when they would like their break).

The perfect live music accompaniment can make the difference between a good party and a great one.

One of the things that can make or break your hen party is the right live music. The wrong choice of tunes will have people leaving early, and feeling like they’ve wasted their time.

The perfect accompaniment for your party is going to depend on what kind of event you are hosting: if it’s a formal meal with speeches, classical music may not be appropriate; if it’s more of an informal night where people want to get up and dance, then maybe some upbeat pop songs would work better.

It’s best to find something that fits in with the vibe at hand—and if you’re unsure about what sort of feelings might work best for your event—ask friends or family members who have been through similar celebrations before for advice on what works well at such occasions (or look at reviews online).


Remember to have fun with it! If you’re worried about things not going according to plan, just remember that it’s better to laugh at yourself than cry. And remember to keep the party going by keeping the music flowing as long as possible.