Burnout is a very real problem that people face, and it has been around even before the pandemic, where this phrase appeared to become a buzzword during this period. Many things can result in burnout for an individual, and demanding careers and trying to maintain a work/life balance is a very common cause for a lot of people. It can be hard to admit that you are becoming overwhelmed at times, particularly when it feels that people around you seem to be managing just fine. However, nothing is ever as it seems, and you should focus on what your mind, body, and soul are telling you rather than thinking about what everyone else is doing. If you have recently reached burnout or feel that you are teetering on the edge, here are some tips to help you recover from this.

Take a Break!

If you can feel yourself reaching burnout or have already hit that point, the first thing you need to do is to take a break. You might not feel that you want to use up your vacation time at work, but it is better to do this now than make yourself ill. Even a long weekend can help you catch your breath and refresh yourself if this will be more manageable for you. Taking a break might also mean canceling or turning down social events, as sometimes you do need quality time by yourself to relax.

Switch Off Your Phone

OK, so you might not wish to switch your phone off entirely, but at the very least, make sure that you’re not getting notifications for work emails or other messages that are going to drag you into that working mindset. This is your time to recuperate, and even just reading those emails will mean that you’re not relaxing fully. You might choose to switch off your phone entirely if you would like to disconnect from the world and have some time to yourself with no distractions, even from your loved ones, and that’s fine too.

Pamper Yourself

Nothing feels quite so good when you’re feeling exhausted and depleted as a good old—fashioned pamper session. You can treat yourself to a day at the spa or go for a deep cleansing facial or other beauty treatment at your local Dermani medspa. Alternatively, if you don’t have the budget to go to your local spa/salon, think about recreating this at home instead. Get a nourishing face mask, run a hot bath complete with soaks and salts, light the candles, and put on some soothing music while you take a soak. Not only will you feel great after this pamper session, but you might find that you sleep better at night, too.

Do Spend Time with Those You Love

Recovering from burnout or bringing yourself back from the edge might mean that you want and need time to yourself, but it can also mean that you need to reconnect and nurture the relationships with those you love the most. Being able to talk to your loved ones about your feelings, catching up with them and what they have going on in their lives, and just having some fun together can do a lot to help you both feel better. If you have felt as though you haven’t had a lot of time for your friends and family lately, use at least part of your time off to see them and rediscover what makes those relationships so special to you in the first place.

Burnout is something that everyone is likely to deal with at one time or another, and if you are currently facing this challenge, use these tips to help you recover from it.