Some nations are just now getting access to the internet, however expensive. Access to Wi-Fi in countries like Cuba can be quite a hassle.

This means, depending on where you decide to travel, you might need a certain phone plan. Apps like WhatsApp and Skype can be a lifesaver, but no access to Wi-Fi can limit these greatly.

So, if you’re considering traveling abroad and using your cell phone, consider some of the following tips before heading out.

Unlocking Your Phone for Traveling Abroad

The first thing you’ll want to do before going on a trip is to unlock your phone. Doing so makes your device compatible with more networks and, just in case, alternative sim cards. Of course, you’ll have to check if your phone has the right bandwidths as well, but that’s another story entirely.

You can unlock your phone with a technician, or directly with your phone service provider. Doing so is possible online, or in-store. If it isn’t a possibility, you can also consider buying or renting a cheaper mobile phone with the right bandwidths.

Getting an International Phone Plan

Another option is to call your service provider and ask about international travel plans. These can come with a higher price tag, but they’re usually the most secure way to ensure that you have a stable connection at all times, and wherever you are.

It’s important that you pick the plan that has your desired speed and limit. Some people use their phones as a data option for their laptops. This lets them work abroad without worrying about a lack of Wi-Fi.

Picking Up a Local Sim Card

Finally, you might consider picking up a sim card if you’re traveling overseas to a single region. This is often the most affordable option, and there’s a ton of variety to pick from.

For example, you can get a prepaid sim card. You can add funds to it as you use it, giving you the most control over how much you spend while taking a vacation. Keep in mind that any new sim card you use will change your device’s phone number, or add it as a secondary if you have two sim slots.

Wi-Fi Only

If all else fails, and you simply can’t get a data plan to work, you can always use Wi-Fi. It’s very important that you turn off your data connection to avoid roaming fees. To do this, first, turn on airplane mode on your device. Then, turn on Wi-Fi and connect to any available routers, whether at your hotel, a restaurant, or a similar public hotspot.

Taking a Vacation With Your Phone

Traveling abroad can present various inconveniences and, in some cases, slightly dangerous situations. Many of these can be solved by carrying a functioning phone with you at all times. Luckily, there are a ton of ways you can stay connected while taking a vacation. Consider getting an international phone plan, picking up a local sim card, or sticking to Wi-Fi only.

Hopefully, this article cleared up a few doubts you might have had regarding using your phone while abroad. If it did, consider taking a look at some of the other posts on the site!