Two lovers in a hug, in love.

Finding a partner and starting a dating game is one thing; however, finding a perfect partner is another. Many people who are dating are mated but not matched. It is, therefore, essential to know how to navigate the turbulent but exciting and adventuresome waters of social life. It is supposed to be an exciting and memorable experience. A perfect partner, as used here, does not mean sainted but ideal for you. 

There is no one specific method that works for everyone, like turning gears. Instead, many tips can give you a safe landing, and you must find out what works perfectly well for you. Here are some valuable tips that can help you find your perfect life partner: 

1. Identify your perfect match 

This could be a vast assignment, yet the most important in finding your soulmate. It is worth the effort, and if you don’t have time, you should forget about this fantastic journey. Not everyone is ideal for you, and you can only enjoy love if you find your perfect life partner.  

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People go through different ways to find their mates. Some go for online dating sites, while others go the traditional way of either fate or finding from their friends. And if you don’t have the time to look for a partner, you hire matchmakers. Matchmakers help people find their perfect partners at a fee.  If you are in Washington DC, you can get the best matchmaking services from the dc matchmaker Whichever method you settle on, ensure you can’t opt for any other method as a better road to your perfect match.  

2. Present yourself as a Potential 

This could be likened to launching a new product. No one does that in a hideout unless it’s contraband. You are a new suitor, and nothing should be more exciting than getting noticed by your prospective sweetheart. Because of this, you must strategically place yourself like a signpost where they can see you and interpret that you are ready and need to be loved.  

This could mean joining your friends at social events and peer activities. It could mean deliberately making your presence felt in events where you want to meet your potential. Attend such gatherings with your company and leave a good impression. Ensure they are drawn to want to see you again after your first interaction. 

3. Revise your checklist 

How does your checklist look? What qualities would you want to see in your partner? Are they realistic or far-fetched? You must be clear on what you want to see in them and work towards the realization with that in mind. For instance, if you want your partner to be a teetotaler, expecting to meet them on a drinking spree is pointless. 

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You would need to do a dating checklist that best describes your heart. You must be careful not to be watertight. If possible, summaries your list in one word. A too-long checklist can waste your time. 

4. Be Attractive 

Every human being has something unique about them that makes them attractive. I think, both by experience and learning, that if you have a close interaction with someone for a given time frame, you develop attachments for them.  However, people do not have the time to catch emotional fires for you slowly. The faster you make a good impression on them, the better it will be for you.  

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So how do you make yourself lovable? This is where the actual game is played. This must be a serious, deliberate effort, and never attempt to be unreal to impress. Offer only things that you can afford to do. Don’t try to be what you’re not. 

One way to make yourself lovable is to try to overload on compliments. Be strategic and chivalrous with your compliments. Find something good about them and appreciate them in a way no one else can. Make them long to see you when they have something they consider attractive, dress or personality. 

6. Take the Initiative 

We have discussed the above are preparation. Here is the actual task. You must make your soulmate yours. After identifying your soulmate, you must make them yours.  

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This must be done well, in harmony with the culture you are operating in. Most cultures are comfortable with men making the first move. Such cultures consider it strange or permissive to have a woman initiate a seduction. However, such cultures accept the use of non-verbal cues by women to erupt interest from men they find interesting. Such may include acts of service conspicuously done when they are in the company of their friends.  

All men get close to women who specially treat them. If he seems not to know that you love him, you can tell him without saying it.  


Finding a partner can be hard, scary, and sometimes difficult.  The difficulty sometimes arises from not knowing what to do. It is essential to know that there is no strict procedure for finding a perfect life partner. The above tips will make the dating process an exciting experience.