At a time when social media platforms are taking over, quality and relevant content are the most important factors. Recently, the popularity of different video formats has grown exponentially. An engaging video can do wonders for the growth of your Instagram profile. They can boost your social media presence, help promote your brand or product, and increase engagement.

With the introduction of Reels and Shorts on Instagram, the frequency at which they are found in our Explore section, and simultaneously the audience engagement on the platform has tremendously increased. As per observation and statistical analysis, these two features can bring the most engagement to your traveling-focused profile.

To help you leverage this opportunity and make the best traveling videos, this blog has accumulated seven effective tips.

Tips to make an attractive travel video

1) Know Your Formats

Photo by: Linus Mimietz on Unsplash

 There are four types of Instagram Videos:

·     Feed Videos (up to 60 minutes long)

·     Instagram Live (up to 4 hours long)

·     Reels (up to 60 seconds long)

·     Stories (up to 15 seconds long)

Choosing the correct format is necessary. Do you want to share your raw experiences of traveling with the audience? Instagram Live is the best place to go. A detailed video log explaining the local cuisine of the country you visit? Feed videos. A sneak peek of your travel diary? Reels. Is there this cutest dog that deserves extra attention? Stories might be your answer.

2) Shoot a Quality Video

We need to keep our videos engaging with quality content. And quality begins with good video recording. We need to look for the proper lighting. If it is an outdoor video, sunrise and sunset are the best times. If you are recording indoors, look for natural light entering from doors and windows.

Keep the video fluid and stable. Tripods and stabilizers are helpful for this purpose. If you cannot use them, practice keeping your hands stable and elbows fixed and use software stabilizers like Electronic or Optical Image Stabilizers. Adding good cinematography techniques to the arsenal will enhance the content. Learn long shots, close-up shots, tracking shots, and other methods. Thankfully, many good Instagram Video Makers have emerged in the market lately with built-in features and techniques to improve your video quality and appeal.

Know Your Quantity

Remember that you are out to travel. Enjoy the trip. In a rush to record your memories, do not point the camera at everything. Instead, plan the journey and the video well. Prepare a rough script to tell a story through your video. Add narration and explain things when necessary. You can narrate while filming your travel, add a voiceover during the edit or use text to highlight points. Scripting a video not only saves video storage but also saves time by reducing the amount of editing needed. 

3) A Catchy Thumbnail and Introduction

Thumbnail is the first point of interaction with any video. An enticing thumbnail having an air of mystery will bring you a broad audience. And the first 10 seconds of your video will determine the retention of the video. 

You can start with the Instagram Video Maker tool for creating cool and attractive videos. The tool provides a variety of popular Instagram Templates for all video formats. Being efficient and good at editing is the factor that ultimately makes your travel video stand out.

4) Add Music that Grooves

Use songs that can make the travel montage epic. Edit and add cuts that groove with the music and match the different cinematography techniques you used. Check whether a piece of song or music is free to use. A copyrighted tune should never be used in your travel videos. Moreover, follow recent trends as they have widespread reach. 

Most users consume content with sounds on. But there are situations when you need to keep the volume down. For such occasions, add captions to your video. Captions not only add an extra layer of accessibility but also make you look professional.

5) Be Consistent

When you look at various successful creators, you will find one common thing – Consistency. This can be understood in two parts:

Consistency in quality – This does not mean you should produce film-quality videos. Instead, target high quality from the start. Then slowly learn and practice filming and editing skills that gradually improve the quality of one video at a time.

Consistency in uploads – The first few of your travel videos can have fewer likes than you anticipated. Don’t be disheartened, don’t give up. Promote your videos in stories by making interesting clips from them. Cross-promote your content. Regular uploads keep your Instagram profile in the minds of your followers. It slowly increases your reach and engagement.

7) Learn From Others

Photo by: Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Watch other travel videos. Observe and gather different ideas and styles that you can use in your videos. This will push your boundaries and constantly force you to learn new things and implement new ideas in your way. As a result, you will always have something new for our viewers. Splash a little excitement with your experimentation.


Armed with the knowledge to capture the breathtaking experience of travel in the form of video, you are now ready to take your audience through a magical and authentic travel journey. Proper video format, duration, and quality, mixed with good editing, cinematography, styling, and music, can help you create an outstanding travel video. With the right consistency, you can create professional-grade eye-catching videos that will establish the social media presence you want.