FILE- In this Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2011, file photo, a shopper leaves a Costco store in, Portland, Ore. Many companies are making special end-of-year dividend payments or moving up their quarterly payouts because investors will have to pay higher taxes on dividend income starting in 2013, unless Congress and President Barack Obama reach a compromise on taxes and government spending. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer, File)

We all are guilty of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on unnecessary things. No matter how hard we try, we always buy stuff that we require a little less or don’t need. Due to this all our plans to save money go in vain. 

Going for a monthly or bi-weekly shopping spree at your nearest Costco store should be on top of your list to save yourself from this guilt trip. Purchasing all your necessities in bulk will save you plenty of your green dollars. You can save more by using a Costco flyers and grab exciting deals with it. 

To know more such exciting money-saving tips keep reading this article.

Tips to save money when you are at Costco

Splitting your purchase:

At Costco, most of the products are sold in bulk. So, buying a bundle of toilet rolls or tissue paper might seem unnecessary for a few of you who are single. But, then, why not split your purchase with a friend. It will save you money, and the product will not be wasted.

Shop at the end of the season:

All of your favourite clothes, bags, shoes, or decorative items are at their highest price when they are in demand. Their demand will gradually drop when people don’t find them necessary, which happens at the end of the season. So you might be thinking, what will I do with all the stuff after the season is over? 

Well, you can “use it next year.” Let’s take the example of Christmas lights. If you buy them in January or February, you can get a great deal and use them in December. Whereas buying the same lights in December will cost you more.

Purchase from the back of the store:

You will notice that at Costco stores, all the new and highly-priced items are at the front lines of the store. Reason: People like to go through all the items in the front row. Nobody likes to walk all the way to the back to buy stuff for home.

But if you are a clever shopper, you might know that the products are much cheaper in the centre and back than in the front. So, next time you go to a Costco in Canada, try to walk a little more to save your precious dollars.

Bulk purchasing meat is a good idea:

If you love cooking meaty delicacies, you should buy frozen meat using Costco flyers to get exciting deals. There is hardly any difference in the fresh and raw meat flavors you purchase from Costco. Both of them provide you with the same amount of nutrients and minerals.

Buying raw money will cost you more than purchasing frozen meat in bulk. So, next, when you plan on making that delicious Canadian Pie or Ginger beef, buy your meat in bulk from Costco.

Money-Back if your item goes on sale:

Disappointed because the item you purchased just a week ago is on sale today. Well, if you are a Costco member, you will get your money back.

Yes, you heard it right if your item goes on sale within 30 days of the purchase, you can get your money back. Well, not the whole money but the difference between the money you purchased and the sale price.